Xmas with the WyattChristmas Trio

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Rockabilly-online has been asking around musicians, artists and models about what Christmas means to them. Today The WyattChristmas Trio share a peek in their life around and about Christmas:

Andy WyattChristmas

Can you tell me, how you celebrate Christmas?

Abodha: Well, I´ll stay home with my beloved, do a delicious cooking, have a glass of champaign and then we enjoy ourselves on that special evening…

Andy: It´s the “same procedure as every year”: Visiting Parents for having dinner and then relax with a glass of wine and talk about this and that.

Chad:  Normally, I would drive to Lousiana and deepfry a Turkey in peanut oil and eat all day! But it´s my first german Christmas and I am freezing my ass off, so I think i´ll stay in bed all day with my girl !

Do you like it or do you hate it ?

Andy:  Hm, I don´t like to be forced seeking for presents in the end of the year. But I like being together with the family for a really nice evening.

Chad:  I have nothing against sweet Baby Jesus, as we say in Texas…

Abodha: I don´t love it and I don´t hate it !

Do you rather prefer to have a concert than to sit around the Christmas tree ?

Abodha:              Yes, for sure !

Chad:                    Of course !

Andy:                   If the family would be there, sure !

What are your new years resolutions ?

Andy: See, I already stopped smokin´ 6 years ago. Started to do sports 5 years ago. I´ve got the feeling I don´t have to have resolutions. Maybe only some very private…

Abodha:   Have as much fun as possible, on stage !

Chad: I have some resolutions, but I won´t tell.

 The WyattChristmas Trio will be giving aNew Years Eve Concert

Venue: Zum Scheuen Reh, Köln, Germany


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