Burlesque the movie

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Christina Aguilera and Cher are the leading ladies in this  movie about a Burlesque club. Smalltown girl Ali, leaving for California to make it bigtime. Bumping into a Burlesque club, which she thought was a stripclub. This art of dancing puts a spell on her, and immediately she wanted to climb on that stage as soon as she can, but it would take a lot of humiliation and hard work before she could even audition. So she started working as a waitress at the club of clubowner Tess (Cher).

The story contains all the classic drama, boy meets girl, can’t get girl, girl wants boy, they argue, make up and fall in love. And a bit of a feel good line too. So not too much to expect in here.

What I like about the movie are some songs very well sung bij Christina, like Etta James’ “Something’s got a hold on me”. I’m not a fan of Cher’s low voice, but the song: ” Welcome to Burlesque” really fits the movie. The music selection is a mixture between Jazz, Soul, Blues, and other classic styles, perfectly fit for Burlesque. But also pop songs. Somewhere at the end Tess/ Cher sings the song: “You haven’t seen the last of me”, to me it really was out of place in here. Intended to add drama into the scene where Tess hit rock bottom, probably, but the song itself was a bit too pop for me.

The girls are beautifully dressed in satin, lace, stockins. A lot of eye candy on that part.

I once went to the musical Chicago, which also had this kind of dancing, music and dressing up. It really gave me the glamourous and energetic feeling. This movie is alright, okay, don’t expect too much, just enjoy.

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