Ruby Ann @ the new years party

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I was at the Cruise Inn new years party last week to see Casablanca Carambol Company. But I bumped into Ruby Ann too! What a nice chance to chat.

Ruby Ann is a charming rockabilly singer from Portugal. She has been playing on big European and American festivals for years.

Photo by Alexander Thompson

She agreed on doing an interview, but we didn’t want to scream our heads off, above the Rockabilly music, so we tried to find some place quiet. We entered the ladiesroom, Ruby opened one of the doors, closed the lid of the toilet, and sat on it (her shoes were killing her) and asked me to join. So locked the door and there was our peace and quiet. When I was done laughing I was able to ask her my questions.

You’ve been living in the US for some years. How was life there for you?

In all those years I’ve been performing, I became friends with people all over the world. So when I got to the US I already had friends over there. It was easy for me. I played with Jimmy Sutton and Big Sandy.

But I miss Europe so I’m going back to France now. I already lived there for some years. I still got my apartment there.

Are you going to tour again?

Yes I have my come back show on March 19th in London at the Hillbilly Hop

In May/ June at the Screaming festival

I’ll be playing with Cherry Casino and the Gamblers. I’m also recording an album with them which will be released this year.

Are you a songwriter?

No I’m not really. I tried, but I always end up crying, that it’s not working out.I sing some unknown covers. People ask me if those are my own songs.  But they’re not. And I sing songs other people write for me.

You like Patsy Cline, but are there any nowadays artists you also like?

You mean voices? Well I like Marti Broms voice, Amber Foxx,

You have the reputation of a tough girl. Are you really?

I started singing when I was 22 and been through some hard lessons. You know, they all think you’re a cute little girl and can take advantage of you. You give one finger and they take your whole arm. I learned from that and now I don’t let people mess around with me anymore. They all know that, and so maybe that’s why people think I’m tough.

But you seem a very nice and fun woman.

It’s the way people approach me. I can sense right away how people are, at first sight. If they’re nice, I’m nice too.

Are you a friend for life?

Yes I am. I definately am! I am blessed to have about 10 best friends in LA, NY, Chicago. Even if I haven’t seen them for years, I can call them any moment  to cry my heart out if I need to.

Ruby Ann with Dee Ann

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