Cojack59 License to thrill (album review)

Posted by Dee-Ann On January - 22 - 20112,746 views

Cojack is a Danish songwriter. He started playing the guitar in the late 80s. His big heroes were, Brian Setzer, Les Paul. In the meantime he has been through electronic rockmusic and Brittpop. But his greatest love is Rockabilly music. So now he is back to his roots with an album which is available on, but soon on iTunes too.


All his songs are small stories taken from Denmark with a little humor and sarcasm.

The songs themselves are easy to listen to. A little Stray Cats, a little Jazzy. They all have their own original atmosphere, from fast to slow mysterious. Bass lines are very clear, but … the sound is too electronic. I keep thinking about pop leftovers of the eighties. It is also hard to sound natural when you sing your own backing vocals. When you sing it in the same strength and tone of voice it could sound too clean, and in this case… it does.

Is the Cojack59 album played by a real live band? I miss a hot pumping base, and a big fat snare drum who rather needs to be held back than one which obviously won’t miss a beat even when the earth is quaking.

So, songs are nice, but sound needs a heartbeat.

Video is pretty cool though…

Cojack 59 – In the blink of an eye

cojack59 | Myspace Music Videos

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