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The Johnny Trouble Trio, nowadays The Johnny Trouble five is a country/blues/rockabilly band from Stuttgart Germany.

They’re much influenced by the music of Johnny Cash  (Johnny Trouble even looks like the young Cash) and that explains the title of their first CD “The rhythm of the railroad track”. All songs on the album rock like a locomotive.
The band members are Johnny Trouble (vocals, rhythm guitar, electric guitar, harp), Vincenzo (electric guitar, rhythm guitar), Tall Tony (upright bass), Wendl (steel guitar) and Pistolero Pepe (drums).
I was so lucky to see the boys in action last year in my hometown Hoorn (NL); it was a gig to remember. I’m very glad they had the time to answer a few questions. 

Tell us about how you started the band.
I started the band as a one-man-band in 2001. After a couple of shows I got in contact with Tall Tony and now he´s my bassplayer for 11 years. We had a harp player for 4 years and played a lot of country and blues. After he dropped out of the band an old friend of mine, Felix, joined the band to play rhythm guitar. Later on we switched and now he´s playing electric guitar. In 2008 Wendl joined the band with his steel guitar and Dobro and since 2010 Pistolero Pepe is playing drums in my band. 

Last year you performed in the Netherlands; are there any other countries you’ve performed?
Yes, we performed in Germany (certainly), Switzerland, Spain, France, Sweden and Denmark. 

Is there any place you would really like to play?
Anywhere I’ve never been before. 

Who is your greatest inspiration?
Life in general, nature and every musician who can tell me a good story.

Do you like other music styles too, other than country and rockabilly?
Yes. I like folk ( Bob Dylan ) and blues ( Fred McDowell, Smoky Babe, Bukka White … ) 

Lots of bands play Johnny Cash songs, but they’ll never play the song Cocaine Blues; is there a reason you think or does the song has a negative vibe?
We already played Cocaine Blues. 

Do you write your own songs?
Yes, I do. The next album contains 16 Songs. I wrote 11 of them on my own. 

Do you remember an funny incident during a performance?
On the spur of the moment I just remember Tall Tony falling from stage with bass and amp. 

What makes you different from other German bands with the same music style?
Sorry, I don´t know too many German bands. The bands I know play some kind of different country or rockabilly. 

Is there a musician you’d like to work with?
I never thought about that at all. 

What’s your greatest wish for the future?
Health and a long life together with my band, lots of concerts… 

Is there anything you would like to tell?
In March we release our third album – Rainy Days – and I already wrote a couple of new songs that will be recorded and released soon.

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