Paul Ansell

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Paul Ansell, do I need to say more? Paul (from London UK) is very well known in the rockabilly scene, he is highly regarded and he has fans worldwide. Paul formed his band Number nine in 1993 and they have already released 11 CDs.

Paul Ansell

Paul’s musical influences are far and wide and his heroes can be heard within his music. The music is fresh, it has a vibe, and it is well played, well thought out but most important, original and distinctive.
Paul has worked over the years with many of rock and roll legends. At the top of his list has to be the great Scotty Moore, Elvis’ guitarist. Along the way, he has had pleasure of recording and play with masters such as Bob Moore, Reggie Young, David Briggs, Jerry Carrigan, Billy Swan, Mac Curtis, Young Jesse, Robert Gordong, Billy Lee Riley, Sonny Burgess, DJ Fontana etc.
Over the years No9 has been made up of top musicians on the rock and roll scene. Now with a brand new line up, No9 is still a swinging little combo of hand picked musicians that form and make the sound gives Paul Ansell his sound. The band members are John Standen (double bass), Paul Atkinson (drums) and James Compton (guitar).
I was so lucky to see a live performance of Paul last year in Paradiso in Amsterdam and I can tell you this: if you weren’t there you’ve missed a lot! What a gig and what a charisma Paul has.
I’m very glad Paul had some time for an interview.

Do you have any plans in 2011?
Well for 2011 I am going to be busier than normal.In May my new album comes out and I will be out there promoting it with luck.Shows are planned all over the place.So keep your eyes on my website ( for new updates if your interested in seeing us.

Where did you find your new band members?
Well my new guys are ones I have played with before, just not in the same order if u get my drift.All great musicians.

You’ve worked with Scotty Morre, Elvis’ guitarist; can you tell us more about how this happened?
I was in the right at place at the right time for the Scotty shows and threw a friend Pete Pritchard a well known and respected bassist here in the UK, Scotty got to hear an album and that was how I got the lucky job.

Are you home raised with Rock ‘n’Roll music?
I was raised on classical music mainly, tho some pop did seep threw by mistake, on Tv etc. and I kinda discovered the rock and roll myself.

Is there a difference between the audience back in the 90’s and the audience today?
The audience today is actually the same really, maybe a little older now, but still young and old.

Are you planning on releasing a new CD?
May is the release date, its will be on a German Label, and I still mixing it.So I better get my skates on.

You’ve been on the road a lot; is there a special moment you want to share with us?
The special moments are many, and quite subtle, hard to think of older moments till someone jogs your memory,but just last week we played in Spain and the Basque country and the warmth of the people, and the reception we got in Madrid from a guy who didnt want to enjoy us, we were not pure rockabilly enough for him, and when the show finished he climbed on stage to shake my hand and said great with a big smile on his face.We had a won over someone who didnt want to enjoy us, so that was kind of special to me.The next day we are driving to Barcalona and the view from the tour bus was like a mix of Texas ala mexico, snow covered moutains, empty roads,green pastures,rolling hills, beautifull little Spanish farms and houses, hour after hour, with Creedance playing on the cd player, it really dont get no better.

Is there any place you would really like to play?
I would like to play Royal Albert Hall,but then who wouldnt.

Where you we see you the next few months?
I will be about, German tour in May, Japan in Sep, London a few times, Americana festival, and a few other joints.

Do you have a tip for new coming artists?
Tips for any newcomers, stay cool , keep it real.

What”s your greatest wish for the future?
Health and happiness for all my loved ones and me is my greatest wish,and a NO1 ALBUM around the world would not hurt things along..

Is there anything you would like to tell?
Something I would like to tell, what like a dark secret, or something.Well ive never ever spoke about this before but ………………………………….. ………………………………………………..

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