Showgirl Adventure: Wigs and Fashion!

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Coco Coquette set up shop in my hometown of Austin, Texas recently, opening up a little boutique of masterpiece wigs, vintage clothing, and a salon.  She also produces hybrid dance + fashion extravaganzas, and has even been featured on National Public Radio (NPR).  In celebration of Valentine’s Day, she presented her latest vision, “Cherchez la Femme.”  Twelve designers paired with twelve dancers or duets, and twelve songs representing every stage of love from New Crush to Heartbreak, to Marriage.  I was ecstatic when I was asked to create a burlesque striptease routine representing Marriage for the show’s finale.  My assigned song was Billy Idol‘s “White Wedding,” and I was paired with designer Chia Guillory.

Ruby Joule and Chia Guillory (photo: John Leach)

I met with Chia for several fittings, and swooned each time as the gown began to take shape with its strapless fitted bodice, petite shrug, and flared mermaid skirt.

Ruby Joule (photo: John Leach)

The day of the show, all the model dancers arrived early for a thorough tech and dress rehearsal, and of course to have our extravagant makeup done.  It was a “hurry up and wait” situation- for me especially since I was last, but it was a pleasure to see all of the other acts rehearse in their costumes.  The acts included: The Crush, New Love, Disillusionment, Jealousy, Obsession, The Breakup, Heartbreak, The Comeback, The Rebound, Reconciliation, True Love, and Marriage.  My new friend from Seattle,  Sassy Delure, was filling in last minute for the Heartbreak number.  She had just gotten her assigned song at noon that day and had never before seen her outfit.  Even so, she put together a heartwrenching “broken doll” routine, en pointe no less, in just a few hours!

Sassy Delure of Seattle (photo: John Leach)

We had several noteable names sitting right up by the runway, among them Stephen MacMillan Moser, fashion and society columnist for the Austin Chronicle.  He showed up in full regalia, sporting a faux polar bear trench, uber-chic shades, and a charm necklace that even Merlin would envy.  The whisperings backstage included, “Stephen has his fan out, that means he’s happy!” And indeed, he sat in the front row, languidly fanning himself with a large black fan a la Karl Lagerfeld.  Then I had an idea- the bride always tosses her bouquet, right…?

Stephen MacMillan Moser and Sassy Delure (photo: John Leach)

It took a team of four to help me get my act together: Teddys for Bettys providing the bridal lingerie, Chia Guillory making my gown, Coco Coquette constructing and helping me into my Marie Antoinette-esque platinum blonde wig, and Johanna Esper of Salon d’Etoile doing my flawless makeup.  Pasties provided my moi ;-).  When it was showtime, I took a moment to soak it all in, as I knew it would all be over in four minutes, fifteen seconds.

Wig of my dreams by Coco Coquette (photo: Coco Coquette)

I was introduced by the “notorious” Chris Lane, emcee of Fleur de Tease in New Orleans, in town just for this event.  Coco Coquette had outfitted him with a dashing blonde pompadour wig with a rhinestoned banana nestled right in the top.

Chris Lane of New Orleans (photo: Coco Coquette)

Chris announced me, my music began, and I took the stage – er, runway.  Billy Idol lent me his sneer, as I went from reluctant, prim bride to defiant stripeuse.

Hey little sister, what have you done...? (photo: John Leach)

After my Swarovski crystal pastie reveal, I scooped up my shocking pink rose bouquet, stalked down the runway one last time and tossed it gently into Stephen Moser’s lap, blowing him a kiss.

The bouquet toss! (photo: Coco Coquette_

After the show, a dance party broke out and many of us stuck around to boogie, drink champagne and take fabulous photos of each other (like you do).

The beauty and brains behind Coco Coquette, Allyson Garro. (photo: John Leach)

Till next time, xoxo

Ruby Joule

Ruby Joule is a burlesque performer, go-go dancer, pin-up model and bonne vivante based in Austin, TX. She is a founding member of The Jigglewatts Burlesque and strives to seek out new adventures in Showgirlhood!

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