Tattoo Convention Rotterdam, NL: Departure Level

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Departure Level

On March 12th and 13th I had a gig at the Tattoo Convention with my band Dee Ann and the Nightcaptains. But that’s not the only thing I came for. There was so much going on as you can imagine on a convention like that.

Roller Derby

Ofcourse tattoo and piercing artists from all over the country, rollerderby, bands, clothingshops, burlesque act, a small corner for an oldtimer car and motorbikes and the tattoo contest.

When I came in, the rollerderby was going on. Two teams of derby teams, mostly women, and two referees, spinning circles, sliding, almost bumping into unaware music lovers. They had a whole skating area in front of the band stage. So all the music fans, had to back off 10 meters to watch the band. Nice for the girls on wheels, but not for others unfortunately.

The first band was Departure Level. A rockabilly band from Rotterdam,  Ray Martin (lead vocals), Arie Versteeg (double bass), Marcel van den Berg (guitar) and Raymond Fitsch (drums). Arie and Ray started the band with two other bandmembers some years ago. Raymond and Marcel joined them in 2011. So a freshly new line up. They play covers of Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Brian Setzer and Elvis Presley.

Departure Level

Ray is a big Elvis fan. He was on Dutch national t.v. with a program called “Waar is Elvis” (“Where is Elvis”). More than 350 people auditioned. Ray got a spot in the t.v. show. He released an album in 2009: Ray Martin – A Tribute to Dean & Frank” 2009.

But back to Departure Level. They are everything you expect a Rockabilly band to be. Great musicians, playing catchy songs. A very energetic band playing steady rockabilly, with a frontman who has the power to entertain in words and movement. You just keep looking at him and laughing about his jokes.

More on the tattoo convention in a few days, about, tattoos, Rockabella’s, El Rio Trio, etc…. Stay tuned!

Departure Level

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