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Well, Pinup Lifestyle continues to be a boon to my interviews. I was contacted by the lovely Miss Rouge Noir in hopes of setting up an interview. I found her to be a delightful person and I think you will as well!

Tell us about yourself and how you got into pin-up?

It was an accident!
I have been wearing vintage clothing for 25 years, wearing it with a little Goth and a little burlesque, and living in a small town in the UK doing it alone.
I married an Australian a few years back, and moved to Melbourne Australia nearly 2 years ago.
I met a lovely lady called Kat who makes bows and fascinators via her facebook page for Paris Cheek. She invited me to a Women’s Kustom Kulture Magazine launch for Femme Fatale.
She left me with the words dress up!
So the day came, and we went to the launch, Heels, seamed stockings, petticoats, corsets, fascinators and lots of sparkle. I had a fabulous time and was just having a little drink when an amazing woman, a vision in pink came towards me.
Miss Pixie, pink from the curls in her hair to the beautiful 50’s frock and petti and right down to her beautiful pink shoes.
“I want you to be one of my VaVa Vooms, “ she said. And a few drinks and a little explanation later I agreed.
So I started in pinup in the nation search for Miss Pinup Australia as a VaVa Voom girl (a plus size pinup) and even made to the national finals. Talk about in at the deep end!!!

As a woman who is both plus sized and in their 40’s, how does it feel to be glamming it up sex kitten style?

I have always glammed up, in an English town full of friends who dressed casually, I could always be relied to be over dressed and loving it. Moving to Melbourne has been fantastic, I have found my true home, lots of beautiful women who think like me and support each other.
Age and size shouldn’t be a barrier, every women can be her best and look her best and to me that’s what pinup should be about

What are you most proud of if your career so far?

There are 3 moments that I just get excited about every time I think of them.

Walking on the stage at Miss Pinup Australia in the finals in my lingerie and corset and feeling fabulous doing it. I loved every second of Miss Pinup Australia.

The first time I saw myself on Peta Pledgers website. It was the first plus size skirt she had designed and my first time as a clothing model.

Taking part in Circa Nocturna, this is more Alternative than Pinup, and is the alternative part of Melbourne Fashion Week. I got the finish the show for a fabulous designer, Harpi, In corsetry, pvc and two foot train.

Any photographers in the states you’d like to work with?

There are some incredible photographers in the states, and too many I admire to pick just one or two out. I would just love the chance to work in Pinup in the States, everyone can dream!

What is pin-up like down under?

From my personal point of view it’s been a fabulous experience doing Pinup in Australia. I have met the most amazing group of women, friendly, supportive and that includes models, designers and photographers.
I came to Australia knowing only my husband and now have an incredible support network and some friends for life.

I can see the Pinup world here growing and evolving and full of life and opportunity. It’s smaller than the scene in the states but that just gives us more chance to grow.

Anything in closing?

A message to other women. All Women are beautiful, support each other and never ever put each other down.

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