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On May 29 it’s time to party! For the fourth time in a row, Rock ‘n‘ Roll SUNday will take place in Hoorn (NL). The small city in the Netherlands will live up to its reputation as Rockin’ capitol of the lowlands. A large-scale festival with up to 20 Rock ‘n’ Roll- and Rockabilly  bands from around the world. The bands will play in the local pubs and bars in the city-center and they will ensure that Hoorn will shake to its foundations!
The festival starts at 16.30 pm and lasts until 21.30 pm. At 22.00 pm it’s time for the afterparty with The Wild Goners from France.


The line up of bands is as follows:
Chilli & The Baracudas (AUS)
Rob Ryan Roadshow (D)
Charlie Roy & the Ukelele Girls (B)
The Hayride Silvertones (NL)
Jake Calypso & his Red Hot (FR)
Annita & The Starbombers (NL)
The Tinstars & ‘Lil Esther (NL)
Kieron McDonald (AU)
El Rio Trio (NL)
Hi-Faluters (NL)
The 2-Tones (NL)
The Baboons (B)
Reizende Sterren (NL)
Wild Goners (FR)
Hillbilly Boogiemen (NL)
The Riot Rockin’ Teds (FR)
Custom Made Trio (NL)
Ben Cooper Trio (UK)
Miss Mary Ann & the Ragtime Wranglers (NL)
Bop-a-Tones (B) 

The bands are all booked by Anneke Knip and Michel Koppies; both living in Hoorn and well known in the Rockabilly-scene. They’ve organized big Rock ‘n’ Roll festivals back in the eighties and since four years they’re busy with booking the most diverse bands for this great festival. I’ve asked Anneke a few questions how she manages all of this.

How did you manage to make such a success of this festival?
We’ve been busy in Hoorn with the Rock’n’Roll festival quite a long time, since the eighties with the big open air festivals etc. Everyone in Hoorn has always been enthusiastic about it and that’s why a lot of cafe- and barowners participate.

Michel and Anneke

Tell us how you make your choice of bands you want to book?
First of all, bands I like myself very much. Certain bands are also asked for, so I always check if I can do something with these requests. It’s also nice to program well-known and unknown bands, because fortunately, there are always new bands in the scene. It’s also nice when it’s a mix of bands from different countries.

How do you book all these bands?
First I check which foreign bands are touring in Europe, in May/June it’s festival season, so many bands are on the road.
But sometimes you book a band from abroad and then they make a mini tour around it in Belgium and Germany. I often get emails from bands long before this festival, who really want to play  here and occasionally there is a band that I would like to book.

What is more to it to organize such a big festival?
Everything together it’s pretty much work, because you have to deal with sponsorship, licensing, promotion and all that stuff. We’re doing this with a fixed group of people and of course everything is easier over the years through experience.
There are always some strange things and we learn again for the next edition.

There are also many visitors from abroad; how do you draw their attention to this festival?
The internet, email and our website www.rocknrollhoorn.nl are obviously indispensable.
Everyone is much easier to reach. Previously, the promotion was by mail but now with just one email you can notify so many people. Also Facebook and Hyves make it a lot easier.

How did you come to the idea of the afterparty?
Many rockers aren’t still ready with partying after seeing the bands at the pub crawl and then it’s nice you can go somewhere. Besides, everyone is at one central location, also the people you’ve just missed at a gig earlier that day.  Many band members will also go there after all the gigs, all very nice. The afterparty starts at 22.00 and this year The Wild Goners from France will play.

Can you tell us a funny anecdote from previous years?
There’s a lot happening on that day and there are many last-minute conditions to solve …. There was once a band on their way to Hoorn who had such a quarrel in their  van, they decided at spot to separate and turn back home…. Bands who will have a breakdown and pushed their van until they arrived at the cafe….

Do you have a tip for people who travel to Hoorn or a good advice for people who still have doubts?
You must absolutely come to Hoorn on Sunday, May 29! You have the opportunity to see in action 19 bands from home and abroad for FREE! Furthermore, Hoorn is a beautiful city with a pleasant harbor. BE THERE ! 

Besides all the bands you can shop and relax at the fifties market or the classic car show.
In the city-centre there are plenty of opportunities to spend the night; you can find the supply of hotels on the website
http://www.rocknrollhoorn.nl/You can also download the schedules here, so you can travel to Hoorn with a well defined schedule.
Make sure you don’t miss it. Be there or be square!

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