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Posted by Dee-Ann On August - 22 - 20113,142 views

Hi! My name is Jacki Oh and I am a model/photographer from NY, now living in Austin Texas,  who is absolutely infatuated with pinup, modeling, photography, fashion & my beautiful LIFE in general.  I love rockabilly hairstyles and the clothing completely intrigues me.  I honestly feel that I was born a few decades late…. I love to bring my own style into play for all of my photo shoots.  I always style myself… hair, makeup, clothing/accessories, etc… I have a modern pinup/rockabilly look with a touch of couture, glamour, punk, high fashion and always a little “outrageous-ness”.  I love to stand out in a crowd and I love being the center of attention, which is part of the reason modeling and photography mean so much to me.  The #1 reason, however… is my love for
photography, fashion and beauty in itself.  I absolutely love both sides of the lens.  Since a very young age I have been completely infatuated with taking pictures and experimenting with fashion.  I love love LOVE photos.  Everyday is a photo shoot for me.  I have thousands upon thousands of pictures, I literally take my camera with me EVERYWHERE.  My portfolio is very diverse… I have such a wonderful life filled with adventures and my camera is my window into my past… being able to relive my memories through my photos makes me so happy…. more than happy actually, ecstatic would be a better word. I love modeling as much as I love taking the photos.  I love being able to bring beautiful ideas to the table and turn them into a beautiful piece of art.  The photo of me posted here is a shoot I did with one of my favorite photographers and a wonderful friend of mine Jacqueline Fraustro,
owner & creator of Geek Chic Photography here in Austin, Texas.  This photo is from an amazing 50s inspired pinup shoot we did with my fiancee, DJ Mizta Ho (Jerry Hodges) owner of Mizta Ho Productions ( You can find the rest of the series
on our website, along with a lot of my other pinup work with classic cars, rockabilly inspired shoots, etc… My fiancee & I own a production company where we work with a variety of local artists here in Austin.  “Art in all forms” is my true definition of our company.  We have an array of photographers, models, musicians, djs, poets, artists, designers, etc…. it is quite literally art in ALL forms.  I love being able to share my work with the world.  I love art and I love beauty and I love being able to bring it all together in one photo.  Each photo tells a story & I enjoy being the narrator.  To see more of my work please visit
or  check me out on facebook  at “Model – Jacki Oh”  or “Mizta Ho Productions”.  Modeling and Photography are my life, I wake up everyday ready to shoot or ready to edit photos… I love this life, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Peace & Love… Jacki Oh -xo-

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