Pinup of the week: Miss Meadows

Posted by Dee-Ann On September - 12 - 20114,460 views
Photographer: Christine Engström

Hello everyone!

My mane is Miss Meadows and I’m born and raised in the most beautiful city in the world – Stockholm, Sweden. After losing any possibility of having a career as a dancer when I injured myself six years ago, I decided that when I grow up I want to become a pinup girl!

I love art of all different kinds. But what I love about pinup art and the burlesque scene is that it’s sexy and pretty to look at, but not in a vulgar way, and it is most often done with smiling red lips, tongue-in-cheek. It’s fun and everyone can do it!

I have nothing against “normal” strippers or porn stars. If they want to do that they should. But the pinup/burlesque art isn’t looked down upon (by some) in the same way. As a pin up you can chose weather you want to be fully clothed or almost naked. Whatever suites you. It’s all a matter of binging the “tease” into it, not to show the audience everything you have. Giving them something to dream and wonder about…

I have always loved dressing up, and if you – like me – have a vintage style, it’s completely ok to run around in pretty dresses, shoes and hats every day. I like to search for vintage pattern from the 40s and 50s and then sew my own clothes, which I then match with vintage accessories and retro underpinnings. Once I got stuck in the metal detector – and frisked – at LAX because i was wearing a garter belt…

The picture above was taken by my sister Christine Engström. She’s a photographer who often uses me as her model. I love shooting with her because we know eachother so well. It doesn’t matter weather it’s a pinup shoot inside in a nice couch, or (like this Easter) a Snow White shoot in the middle of the forest exactly on the freeway of the ants – standing in front of the camera is something I love! xx

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