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I am a creative soul; a writer in love with words of all sorts. I have a book published, a children’s book waiting to be published and 2 more on the way. I’m 50s obsessed and fascinated with the glamorous Old Hollywood and pin-up styles. Marilyn Monroe was my inspiration to become a model. I am very traditional and love the simple things in life. I would love to live in a world where women dressed up and men wore leather jackets, white tee’s and cuffed jeans each day. As a child, I asked for classic oldies music instead of the latest. I prefer 45s and 33s to cassettes and CD’s. I much rather own a classic pre-60s hot rod than a car from today. I’ve been a runner since I was 13 years old and I run races and walk for causes – It’s my life. I’m outgoing, spontaneous, crazed, active, charismatic, eccentric, sometimes awkward and a free-thinker. I love the outdoors and if I could spend my time anywhere, it would be in a forest, on a beach or by a lake. I love to hike, camp and do anything outdoors-related. I’m extremely observant and I’m quiet around a lot of people. My silence is often mistaken with intimidation. I’m too nice. I’m obsessed with writing, hot rods, miniature horses, Marilyn Monroe, anything animal print, nature/wild animals/travel, Betsey Johnson, sweets, dresses, make-up, whole milk, oldies music, tattoos, cooking and Shakespeare. I have spent/spend a lot of my life suffering from migraines. I love the romantic period and being romantic. I’m a vegetarian and aim to live well into my 90s. I will one day be a notorious writer/novelist, own a classic corvette and pink Cadillac, own my own book store and 50s themed diner, have a Weimaraner and have my own retro styled house. I love life more now than ever and I choose the people I spend my time with carefully. My inspirations come from the great literary geniuses that I grew up reading from and also from those around me who make up a huge part of my life.

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