Showgirl Adventure: Toronto Burlesque Fest 2011 pt. 2

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As darling as those artist designed hotel rooms were, they did not have the Glamma Girl in mind.  The shower was smaller than a phone booth– I think I invented a new form of yoga trying to shave my legs!  The hair dryer only provided a warm gentle breeze, but nevertheless I made it to tech rehearsal early enough to see Baltimore’s Trixie Little walking through the paces of her mermaid act.  As one of the night’s big headliners, she later blew the crowd away with her discovery of a mermaid’s newfound legs… and other parts!

Trixie Little

When doors to the show opened at 8:00PM, I was ready with a cocktail in hand.  The Gladstone Hotel hosted the show in its grand old ballroom, conveniently across the lobby from the Melody Bar.  While the ballroom was filling up, I sidled up to the bar along with Darlinda Just Darlinda (NYC) who looked stunning in a long teal goddessy gown; Scarlett James (Montreal) with her tres chic blonde bob and brilliant smile; and Cherry Typhoon (Tokyo), enchanting as a magic doll, crowned with orchids.  I also got to finally chat with the vivaciously charming Burgundy Brixx (Vancouver).  A talented triple-threat, I first admired Burgundy a few years ago when she sang “La Vie en Rose” at Miss Exotic World in Las Vegas.  Tonight she would be performing a fabulous signature act to Brick House in a lusciously rich and innovative burgundy costume.

Burgundy Brixx - photo: Chris Hutchison

By now the ballroom was filled to overflowing and the marathon tour of tease had begun!  With 33 acts in total, this was sure to be a long and delicious night.  I was set to go on between Burgundy Brixx and Trixie Little, in a big redheaded finale to the show (being between Burgundy and Trixie was quite an exciting position to be in *wink!*), so I had plenty of time to revel in ribaldry until then.

Ruby Joule - Photolena

At the first intermission, Scarlett James and I took a break to have dinner in the Melody Bar, where a rousing bout of karaoke was taking place.  Some songs grated and some were elevated, then suddenly her royal highness Miss Indigo Blue (Reigning Queen of Burlesque, Miss Exotic World 2011) appeared at the table and leaned down mischievously, “Ladies, which song are we gonna do?” Giggling, I said, “oh, I think we’re next– it’s Journey, right?”

Indigo Blue - Orangeroads Photography

As the final set was approaching, I excused myself to get into costume.  A few folks were in the dressing room: Mademoiselle Oui Oui Encore, with whom I practiced a bit of French; Rouge Fatale– a FABULOUS, award-winning drag queen; and Miss C, raven haired and vivacious with a penchant for John Waters films.  Just then someone cried out, “Does anyone have any tape?”  My ears perked up.  “You mean like flash tape?” said Rouge.  “Honey, I ALWAYS carry that in my purse!”  Ahhh… and a drag queen saves the day with pastie tape right out of her own purse!

Rouge Fatale

By the time I was to go onstage, the energy in the ballroom had reached a fever pitch.  I was taken aback by the huge bank of photographers down front, at least 3 rows deep!  Everything “went off” without a hitch, so to speak- but as usual, it felt like it was over way too soon.

Ruby Joule - Orangeroads Photography

After the show, Mysterion (our illustrious MC and co-producer) passed out celebratory shots of Jager to all of the night’s performers, and eventually the bar staff had to shoo us out of there.  Upstairs, Producer Sauci Calla Hora had champagne chilling and a few of us continued the celebrations there. As light began to pale the eastern sky, I caught the old Victorian elevator one last time to the ground floor, hopped in a taxi, and was off to the airport… back to Texas!

Stay tuned for tales from Montreal!

xoxo, Ruby Joule

Ruby Joule is a burlesque performer, go-go dancer, pin-up model and bonne vivante based in Austin, TX. She is a founding member of The Jigglewatts Burlesque and strives to seek out new adventures in Showgirlhood!

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