The lovely Chelsea Mae!

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Chelsea Mae is a bubbly pin-up cutie based out of Texas! Famous for her lush curves and stunning hair, we just had to get to know her better!

First off, tell us a little about yourself?

I am a curve baring, classic, cheesecake, girlie girl at heart and with my style. I just relocated to Fort Worth, TX from Austin. I was born in raised in Atlanta, GA and definatly have the attitude and love of grits and collard greens to go along with it.Things that make me tick include my amazing family, cupcakes, books, my puppy Bebop Deluxe, shopping, classic cars, jazz, dancing, shoes, red lipstick, pencil skirts, and of course being a pin-up girl!

How did you get into pin-up modeling?

One of my best friends was starting a pin-up photography company (Cherrybones photography) and asked me if I would be her first model. I had been approached before, but I was hesitant about about how photographers would portray me. I have a little sister in her early teens that watches my every move, and I want to be a good influence for her. I knew I would be safe with Cherrybones, and it has taken off from there! I love being in front of the camera, and now I can’t imagine not being involved in this world.

You work a lot with Cherrybones photography in Austin?

They are very dear friends of mine, and are so amazingly talented! We always have a blast working together, and I think the images we produce confirm it. I would recommend them to anyone no matter your experience level!

Recently one of your fans pointed out a strong resemblence to Annette Funicello. How do you feel about that?

I have been compared to Annette Funicello throughout my life, but it has become much more intense since I started modeling. Annette is a beauty, and I feel honored to be compared to her. I love that she broke boundaries by wearing bikinis!

Who are some other ladies you admire?

As I would imagine with most pinup girls Marilyn Monroe has always been a huge influence for me. It was obvious very early that I was going to be no toothpick so my father introduced me to Marilyn’s films as a way to help mold my ideas of beauty. I am very confident in my curves and big curly hair, so I guess it worked! I love that Marilyn’s personality is captured in every image I have ever seen of her, and I strive to achieve the same effect. A few others that I admire are Clara Bow, Mae West, Jane Russel, Billie Holiday, Esther Williams,my grandmother, and the plethora of curvy models working hard to break boundaries.

You mention Marilyn Monroe, what are your favorite films of hers?

Some like it hot is my absolute favorite! It is a movie that makes me giggle and cry at the same time. “I wanna be loved by you” is my song to sing in the shower! Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is a close second.

How do you go about creating your poses for each photo?

I study classic pin-up and the best angles for my figure extensively, but I am lucky to be someone that physically expresses my emotions. I tend to just work with whats around me and use my bubbly, sexy personality. When you are comfortable and giving the photographer variety you can come up with some amazing images. I make sure to have a clear understanding of what the photographer is looking to create, but also make sure the finished product correctly reflects me.

What is your favorite photo of yourself?

My favorites tend to be the some of the more classic pin-up work I have done. There is a image captured in one of the many amazing rides at the Lone Star Roundup this year that stands out. I was actually exhausted from shooting for hours in the Texas heat when it was taken, but I was so in love with the car that I sucked it up real fast. It is just a timeless image shot by Jamie Lacombe of Cherrybones Photography.

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