The Silverettes: rockabellas from Germany

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The Silverettes, three rockabellas from Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany (Europe).
We’ve got a mail from Chad Hawkins from the WyattChristmas Trio (check the interview earlier on Rockabilly-online if we were interested in getting to know these girls from Germany. Sure we do; there aren’t that many female Rockabilly bands in the scene, so we were curious.
The Silverettes are Jules, Sassy and Ira.
Since 2005 they manage to get everyone dancing and swinging to their rockabilly music. Just with a lot of sexappeal, a sharp fifties look and their great live performances.
Whether it are fifties hits, eighties hits of recent hits, they know how to make every song sounds like a Rock ’n Roll classic with their polyphonic singing.
Did you think they are the female version of the Baseballs? Then you’re totally wrong!
Time to get to know these girls. Despite their busy tour schedule, they had time to do an interview with us.

Can you tell us how the band was founded; did you knew each other?
Sassy: Ira, Jules and I met in 2005 and started playing with a band. At that time „The Silverettes“ were founded. After a while other regional bands asked us to join them for projects. We did that, but we also played with our regular band.
Jules: We went on like this until summer 2010, but then we split from our band to do our own stuff. Fortunately, at the same time the producers Adriano Batolba and Pomez di Lorenzo came along and discovered us.
Ira: They supported us and helped us along finding the right musicians. We’ve played with the current lineup since the Spring of 2011.

Do you have a regular band when you’re on tour; can you tell us more
about the musicians?
Ira: Thank God we finally got a regular band!
Jules: Yes, it took a while, but now we are really exited! The guys are super cool!
Sassy: Our drummer Bernie is the one we’ve known the longest ,  because he is a good friend of Adriano. Finding the guy who plays the Double bass was a happy coincidence. Chad just moved from Texas to Cologne, when we caught him;)..
Jules: The guitar part wasn’t easy! First we played with Adriano BaTolba, but after a while he was too busy with his Adriano Batolba Orchestra, so we had to find somebody else. Adriano suggested Ralf, who really rocks your socks off.

Do you see yourselves as the female version of The Baseballs?
Ira: No, no, no! Actually you should ask „The Baseballs“ if they see themselves as the male version of us, ’cause we’ve done this way longer! Question answered?

Are you home raised with Rock ‘n Roll?
Sassy: Yes, yes yes (smiling*).. all of us had early experience with Rock ‘n’ Roll…. We all grew up as children of musicians. I think that always has an impact on you, because you get to know hand made music. We already sang along to songs from Elvis and Johnny Cash in our bedrooms;)…

Can we expect a CD release?
Ira: Absolutely! We’re working on that… we got a lot of completed songs; we only need to finish the record.
Jules: Currently we are very busy playing concerts so we don’t have the time to work on the record a few months in a row.
Sassy: ..but we’ll do everything to finish it as soon as possible and are very excited about the coming release!

Who are your favourite artists?
Jules: There are many musicians who inspire us. The old school stuff as well as  contemporary music, but I’d say that a strong influence comes from artists like: Brian Setzer, Little Ritchard, Wanda Jackson, Andrew Sisters, Elvis(!!!), Imelda May…

Do you only perform in Germany or elsewhere in Europe?
Ira: Since we just started playing with the new band in 2011, we’re focused on rocking Germany so far, but we hope to be rocking all over europe soon!

Is there any place you would really like to play?
Ira: There are a lot!…maybe one day at the Wembley Stadium..
Jules: …the Rockabillyrave in England would be cool and huge festivals like Rock am Ring in Germany…
Sassy: …on the moon (laughing*)…

Do you remember an funny incident during a performance?
(laughing*)…Jules: You bet! There are always crazy things happening on stage, but most of the time it’s situation dependent, so it’s hard to describe.
Ira: You gotta come to our concerts and be there to watch it…;)

What’s your greatest wish for the future?
Sassy: To play as many concerts as possible and have a huge audience rock to our music…Hopefully, we get to see many interesting places all over the world!

Is there anything you would like to tell?
Jules: …to be continued…(smiling*)

Where can you see these rockabellas live in action?
17.09. – St. Wendel, Jazzfestival
22.09. – Koblenz, Buga Gelände
14.10. – Bielefeld, Extra Bluesbar
15.10. – Rheda Wiedenbrück, Road House (supp. Boppin` B)
28.10. – Ewersbach, Alte Brauerei
18.11. – Ennigerloh, Scotty`s
19.11. – Salzwedel, Hanseat
16.12. – Bielefeld, Jazzclub
18.12. – Detmold, Sudhaus
(all concerts will take place in Germany)

More info can you find on their website:


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