Tiki Paradise build by Marco and Joyce

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The Tikigarden from Marco and Joyce.

The idea to create a garden in tikistyle started with the build of a porch in tikistyle about 5 years ago. We already had the idea to build a porch before, but we didn’t know what materials we would like to use. Because I always search the internet for fifties and rockabillystuf  I found a picture of a tikistatue that stood in front of a porch of bamboo. At that moment I knew how our porch would look like.

Later I found out that the porch on the picture stood in the garden of Stacycats drummer Marco.

Tiki Paradise

After searching the internet for the right materials to build the porch, I started with only an idea in my mind and after a lot of thinking and and finding solutions for big and small constructionproblems there it was,…  a real tikiporch in our backyard. The rest of our backyard was the domain of our 2 children who played football with their friends and jumped around on a trampoline.
2 years ago we made our first plans for restyling the rest of the garden in tikistyle complete with palm trees, tikistatues and a pond.

The gardendesign is done by ourselves. We wanted to create a beach atmosphere and therefor we chose the yellow pavement. To ensure that  it didn’t became a big yellow plane we made a wooden platform, on the platform we installed the pond. We have searched a long time for the pond because we wanted one in bamboostyle and finally we found it in Belgium, and together with the tikimasks that we bought by a company in Zoetermeer it became a real tikipond.

The palm trees are Trachicarpus fontenei and are suitable for the Dutch climate. The bins where the palm trees are planted are also selfmade, I placed them on wheels for easy transportation.

The furniture in the porch are all original fifties, found on the internet at different locations. The lamps in the porch are also original fifties. Originaly these were made for indoor use I mounted them on a piece of bamboo.

The garden is as good as ready, however it will never be finished. There will always be new items to add.
We are very pleased with the result and the atmosphere we created, because of the palm trees, the tikipond, the parrots, the pink flamingo, the porch and the bamboo. On a nice sunny day lying in the hammock it feels like a little paradise.

It’s a great garden that fits with our rockabilly lifestyle.
Greetzzz Marco and Joyce


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