Retro Kustom Honkytonk’s Halloween Charity Drive for UNICEF

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Rockabilly-online is thrilled everytime that music is used for a good cause, to help the world’s community. Will Daniels got in touch with us to tell us about his Retro Kustom Honkytonk’s Halloween Charity Drive for UNICEF. A compilation album with Retro Kustom Honkytonk blog’s favorite rockabilly, psychobilly and outlaw country music.

If you want to celebrate Halloween 1950′s style, by supporting the vital work of UNICEF? GIVE A LITTLE, GET A LOT! Make a tax-deductible donation in any amount to UNICEF through the link below and get an 11-song compliation album as a “thank you” gift.

The line-up of artists participating in the collection reflects the mission of the Retro Kustom Honkytonk blog: to foster a cross-genre fanbase for under-exposed artists who draw on “roots music” influences.

Each artist was invited to participate for their unique qualities and talents, showing part of what makes “Retro Kustom Honkytonk” music so exciting.  This album is made possible by the generosity of the participating bands, labels and producers who kindly supported this charity project.



The digital release RETRO KUSTOM HONKYTONK – Trick or Treat for UNICEF 2011 is proud to feature:

Pat Roberts & the Heymakers – Sweet On Me
from the album Lonesome & Blue – 2011
Electric Lotus Label’s artists, Pat Roberts exemplifies the Retro Kustom Honkytonk attitude by defying categorization through their expert blend of rockabilly, blues and country.

Voodoo Swing – West Coast Boogie
from the album Keep on Rollin’ – 2011
Electric Lotus Label’s artists, this Phoenix, AZ-based band adds rock-and-roll grit to their rockabilly gumbo.

The 454sZombie Ex-Girlfriend
from the album from the EP Granpa’s Whiskey – 2011
This Los-Angeles based band mixes their Latino roots and formative musical influences to create a unique hybrid of cumbia, new wave pop and rockabilly.

Romeo & the Frankensteins245 Mainlinin’
from their latest single release – 2011
“Frankenbilly” is the self-described genre of humorous English-language horror punk and psychobilly created by this unique Mexican band signed to BamBam Records.

The TwangshiftersBlack and Chrome
from the album The Twangshifters – 2011
This Portland, Oregon band adds full-voiced female blues belting to a rockabilly foundation.

Dirty CharleyBlack Yodel #1
from the upcoming album The Dirty Charley Band – Live at The Red Eyed Fly
produced by The Rock Garage – Texas Live Concert Series – 2011
These loose cannons live up to their name, with hard-country ballads penned in booze and bile in Austin bar rooms – captured live by The Rock Garage recording label.

Stomping RatsJungle
from the EP Get Drunk, Have Fun, Let’s Wreck!! – 2011
Surf, instrumental and fuzz from these Mexico City scenesters gets the party started!

Rio & the Rockabilly RevivalRockabilly Gal
from the upcoming album The Midnight Rebel Sessions – 2011
The always classy Rio Scafone, the niece of Rockabilly legend Jack Scott, returns to her musical roots and carries on the family tradition of serving up a heaping dose of old school Rockabilly and Swing!

13 Black Coffins – Sailor Jerry
from the album Where the Dead Girls Go – 2011
This female-fronted psychobilly unit from Houston, Texas can play as rough as any all-male psycho band.

Pure LuckBroke Soaked & Dirty
from the upcoming album Pure Luck – Trippin’ Balls Live at The Scoot Inn
produced by The Rock Garage – Texas Live Concert Series – 2011
Austin-based Americana from The Rock Garage recording label is loud and rough while remaining melodic.

The Texas Sapphires – How Did I Get So Sloppy Drunk When I was Drinking Neat?
from an as-yet-untitled live album from The Rock Garage – Texas Live Concert Series – 2011
A new country-tinged band blending classic country with honky-tonk, bluegrass and mountain music, smooth harmony vocals and sharp lyrics that makes the band’s sound hard to pin down.

Read more, donate and get the music.



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