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Twice a year there is in Rosmalen (the Netherlands) a great festival, Rock around the Jukebox. As the name suggests the festival is 2 days long full of jukeboxes and everything that is involved. And I can tell you, it really is a lot …..

Jukeboxes in the most conceivable types, brands and of course, very important, the different price ranges. But what is there more to it, having or buying a jukebox? First of all the parts (if there is a time that something is wrong with it) and of course the vinyl singles; fortunately there are hundreds of stalls on the festival, filled with singles! If you’re really looking for a single of a favourite artist than it would cost you a day searching for it and then you haven’t even seen the rest of the hall yet!

But a jukebox is on its best in a real fifties interior. No problem, you can also buy it here; diners, bars, couches, chairs, you can all order it in 200 different colours. The rest of the interior is also thought of; fifties lamps, tables, crockery, clocks, you name it.

But what if your whole interior is decorated, the jukebox is playing and there you are in your everyday clothing; that’s not-done. So the clothing stalls with dresses, petticoats, pumps, suits, jeans, creepers are largely represented. Really everything is thought of, for the next Christmas season you can even decorate your Christmas tree with Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean.

When you bought it all, you’ve seen all the CD’s, you’ve tried all the shoes, and your wardrobe is replenished, you can enjoy good music in the other hall. Throughout the day there are three bands playing; Java Guitars (indo rock from the Netherlands), The Tonemasters (rockabilly from England) and The Torello´s Jive Bugs (swing, also from the Netherlands). In between there were several dance workshops, if you’re not so good at Rock ’n Roll dancing. Nice to see that there was much enthusiasm for the workshop.

Since I have spent much time looking for cool fifties stuff, I’ve only seen the Torellos. But what a surprise; what a great band, seven musicians who know how to make a show. They play jive and swing from the forties and fifties, as they describe it “joyful vocals drippin’ with honey, ruthlessly screaming saxophones and a rhythm section that will make you wanna shake the meat off you bones”.

They played well known songs by Big Joe Turner and Bill Haley, but also the more unknown jive songs they played unequalled. They managed, from start to finish to get the dance floor crowded. If you’re in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam, you must see this band perform live. More info you can find on

After all this dancing, it’s time to cool down: outside you could see all the beautiful vintage cars, trucks and vans from the 50’s and 60’s. A paradise for car lovers. Again all the participants made all efforts to show off their showpiece, complete with all accessories.
Surely a disappointment if you must drive home in your common Ford Mondeo. But don’t worry, the next time you can see all of this is May 13 2012 (check the website for more info about this nice festival

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