Surfin with The Tonomats

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The Tonomats

I like Dick Dale and I heard about this new Dutch surfband the Tonomats. Young guys in their twenties, in their mission to keep Surf music alive and kickin’. Using as much authentic instruments as possible and clad in real 60’s ‘look’ they are today’s vintage surfband. A mix of covers and their own songs is combined on their debut album “Panoramic 200”.
Brothers Sander and Merijn Bus (drums and bass) grew up with surf music.Guitarist Willem Treur is specialized in playing roots music, a passion evolving from an early age. The Rhythm guitar has had many faces. The latest is the face of Fox Martin. Being a fan of the 60’s surf sound for all his life, playing in a band like this is a dream come true.

Tell me about the band.

We are from The Hague, The Netherlands. We play 60’s Surf Music. We have our own reportoire but also play covers of Dick Dale, The Ventures, The Surfaris and the like.

How did your first love for this kind of music start

Basicly it started out with two of our band members who grew up next to their parents’ Tonomat Jukebox. A lot of Surf  tracks , but also 50’s & 60’s rock & roll came by.

Do you write your own songs? How are you inspired?

Yes, our drummer writes our songs. He gets inspired by 50’s & 60’s music but also by other influences.

Do you also play for other music lovers than rock and rollers? How do they react?

Sometimes people need to get adjusted, but  every gig turns out to be a party for all. 😉

What other nowadays bands or artist do you like?

All kinds of music, from roots to rock to metal and back 😉

Which living celebrity would you like to be on stage with?

Dick Dale

The Tonomats

Where would you like to play the most?
The big surf music festivals around Europe.

Do you regret something?

Nope, no regrets. They’re useless.

Do you have a message for rockabilly newbies?

That would be Surf newbies: come to one of  our shows and enjoy! You’ll like it! 😉

Do you have stage do’s and don’ts?

Just play and have a good time!

Finish this sentence: In 10 years we will be…

Playing around the globe!


Listen to their music:

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