New Years Eve at Grandbar in Chicago

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New Years Eve at Grandbar in Chicago was the place to be. It was a rockin lineup for a jammed packed fun filled nite equipped with champagne at midnight, party favors and elegance. Rockabilly was key and it was going to win our hearts and open us up to surprises ahead and then throw away the key.

Three amazing bands were playing for this event. Hayden Thompson, Sun Records recording artist was the headliner along Wild Billy and the Wild Coyotes and The Three Blue Teardrops. Guitars were ablasing and setting the night on fire as we were waiting to ring in the new year Chicago style.

All three bands were stellar and tight and totally new the rockabilly trade top and bottom without missing a trick. It was a red letter night and as drinks were pouring in, dancing and good times were comencing. Grandbar is a new venue in Chicago that is catering to the true Rockabilly roots and keeping it fresh. All these bands are well worth seeing and will not disappoint. They are hardcore to the meaning of 50’s rock and roll and keep you moving and groovin on the dance floor.

The true heart of Elvis was really in the air as each band caterered to the king in true fashion. Truely a night to remember and not forget and deserved a mention for all to read and experience.

Grandbar is located at 1600 w. Grand Avenue in Chicago.  ~ 4 stars Michelle Russo

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