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Over the years, some of the biggest modern pin-ups have come out of Dallas Texas. Genre stars like Jami Deadly and Masumi Max both got their starts there. Well today there’s a new generation putting their own spin on things. To that end, we set down with Taffeta Darling, a different kind of glamour girl for the 21st century!

Tell us about yourself?

I ‘m Taffeta Darling from Dallas Texas, The Girl Friday to the fanboys and fangirls of the world.

What is the story behind your stage name?

My stage name comes from my favorite scene of the Mel Brooks movie Young Frankenstein.

Now you’re a big comic book fan. How does this play into your modeling and performing?

I am a comic fan, i love reading ’em and keeping up with certain characters i started as a young one. I enjoy the fantasy and the trip to another world that is comics. Obviously reading them is amazing, but once I put on my thigh high boots, and the top hat, the character comes into the third dimension. It’s for my own wild fetish, so it’s rad to get the appreciation from anyone at all. I still consider myself new to it all, I have maybe a year of costumed photography, before that in 2008, a lil pin-up modeling. With everything that was going on in my life i decided to combine the both and hope that someone might take notice and need my services as a reference model. So far, so good!

Define “cos-play” for those not in the know?

Cosplay in my mind is the costumed interpretation of any character, fiction or non fiction. I typically do comic, movie and video game characters but the ideas are limitless. That’s the appeal of it all,so many ideas. On the downside the originality is not always limitless.

Any current reads that you’d suggest for the non-fan boys and girls?

I have a decent reads list going on, and encourage anyone to read Sweet Tooth, Vampires on the Moon vs The Werewolves, Franken-Castle and Creepie Comics.

Who are some of your favorite bands?

Some of my favorite bands are The Descendents, NomeansNo, Man or Astro-Man?, Far and a bunch of old shit.

Who are some of your favorite photographers to work with?

I’ve been lucky enough to work with a variety of photographers. My faves include Leroy Roper, Neither Noir Studios, Paper Moon Photography and Saints and Sinners Photography.

You have a lot of interesting tattoos. Which one is your favorite?

Dang,my fave tattoo is the Itchy and Scratchy scene i have from part of my Simpsons half sleeve. Also the cartoon expanding punching glove is a fave.

What’s coming down the pipeline for you?

This year will continue with a few more cons and costumes. I have 2 video game costumes and a Tiny Toons costume that’ll come out in September. I’ll continue on with the Loud Idiots podcast every tuesday on But my most exciting , I am planning a tour northeast. I’ve been given some undeniable invites with places to stay. I can’t pass this up.

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