Pinup of the week: Valerie Voiture

Posted by Dee-Ann On April - 23 - 20123,684 views

Photo by Roy Varga

Hello! I am Valerie Voiture, an amateur model, but professional hot rod and lead sled enthusiast!  In fact, “Voiture” is french for “car.”  I adore traditional pre ’64 cars, especially open wheel rods built like the old school rodders would have built back in the 50s.  The ’49 ford Sedan in the photo here is my own.  We chopped the roof and frenched in the  headlights, louvred the hood, among other things.
My musical tastes ranges quite a bit, but tend to like the old stuff the most.  I am most inspired by the curvy classical pin styles up of Gil Elvgren and Alberto Varga so while I do not have any tattoos personally, I love to see art on other people! I love micro-brews, I have about 100 pairs of shoes, and I am currently applying to graduate school.
I live in the Motor  City capitol of the world, Michigan!  Which is a good thing since some  of the very best hot rods come out of this state, in my humble opinion.  My hubby and I travel around the mid west every summer in my Shoebox and tour some very awesome  car shows such as Vintage Torque Fest, Relix Riot, Cheaterama, Beatersville, and Sins of Steel, to name a few.  So, if you see me there, please make sure you say, “hello!”
Model:  Valerie Voiture
Photo by Roy Varga (UNEDITED)
Hair by Stephanie Strowbridge at Moxie Beauty and Hair Parlor
Make Up by Regina Kish

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