Lil’ Esther and Dee,… what will it be?

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Het Hoekpandje The Hague

I have interviewed Lil’ Esther before for Rockabilly Online. I watched her in the past, being part of her audience, but since the interview we kept in touch. When I played in her hometown The Hague with my band The Nightcaptains, she visited me, and was part of my audience. I felt honored. She’s been singing since the eighties with The Bugaloos, now with her Tinstars and some bands inbetween. She has been touring in the USA, Finland and the rest of Europe. I admire her love for music and energy. I had two gigs last weekend, and after that I was already tired I told her. I’m not such a tough gal I guess. Haha. During the The Hague gig in December 2011, while the band was playing I asked my bassplayer Mars to sing a song, I jumped off the stage and asked Esther to sing with me. She came up with Hop Skip and Jump, we rehearsed for 30 seconds behind the bar and ran up on stage together. We sang close harmony during the chorus. It was like it was not the first time we sang together but we did. We enjoyed it so much, we had to do it more often, just for fun.

Es, Dee with Tea

And so we did. Esther has many years of experience in close harmony and loves to work on the harmony lines of a song. We chose a song I wrote and she made up the harmony. One Sunday afternoon I drove up to her cosy little place, with vintage interior. With tea and cake we sang the song over and over again, because, it had to be perfect. Esther is like that, and I like it. It wasn’t just singing. Esther has a great sense of humor too and she can’t stop talking. What will the future bring for us both? Another band? Will we perform on stage together? A cd? We’re not sure yet. We both love music and creating new things. She likes to make up harmony lines, I love to write new songs. But we’re both hard working gall, with too many plans and so little time.


Het Haasje, Rotterdam

Yesterday she was in my hometown Rotterdam with her band The Tinstars. I had to be part of her audience again. She was kind of nervous about her new band members, but to my opinion, she and her main Tinstar Rick are professionals, who can handle this very well. I have to say that Rockers from Rotterdam are a bit hard to please. They can enjoy themselves but they hardly show it. This night the audience had a blast, boppin’, dancin’ to the rhythms of Lil’ Esther and her Tinstars.


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  1. Check our band page at facebook “The Tinstars”..! ๐Ÿ™‚ Rockin’ regards, Ruby Pearl and Tinstar Rick

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