Bounty op Straete (the Netherlands)

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Cousin Harley

I never heard of the Bounty op Streate festival in Breskens (the Netherlands) untill Alexander Verwilst told me about it:

The idea of Bounty op Straete festival started when Henry Evans of Red Hot Trio said he would love to share the stage with Paul Pigat (Cousin Harley). They both are acquainted so why not? All for the good cause of music!

Now the opportunity came up , to blend other great artists too with “Cousin Harley “, those talented artists admire the musical and guitar skills of Paul Pigat, the Leadman of ” Cousin Harley”

The Red Hot Trio , Bristol U.K. ( w. 20 year old guitarist Henry Evans ), is coming over to the mainland, just so they could have the chance to share the stage with Cousin Harley (Vancouver Canada).
Same with Steven Hollanders, from the Motel Men, but his bed is somewhat closer ” St. Niklaas , Belgium ” (Worked with Walter Broes, for their CD ).

Motel Men

And our province of Zeeland (Netherlands) is spitting out Talents, like their is no tomorrow! You should experience the performance of ” The Blue Clay ” , without the backing of Drums,  just a Cajon. Back to the rockabilly roots, and they swing!

With no budget at all, we managed to put this together, due to the Bar ” The Bounty”, who wanted to make the effort, since the line-up was so incredible talented.  So I must thank , ” Martin” of the bar ” The Bounty” for sticking out his neck, and must thank also Paul Pigat, to make this possible and the other artist and people that are involved who put their trust in ” Bounty op Straete “.

“Bounty op Straete” is supposed to be a one off event. But when it’s going to be a great succes… who knows!

bounty op straete

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