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Becky Ryan

Becky Ryan sent us a message saying: “I’m passionate about art and trying my hardest to get some work as it’s my dream to be able to make a living from my illustration work.”

If we can help… we will… so I took a look at Becky’s art and was so much pleased I thought I’d give her a chance to present herself. Well, let her art speak for themselves too.

Hailing from the city of Liverpool, and now living in a small town in Derbyshire, artist Becky Ryan specialises in portraits with a retro twist, taking inspiration from the vintage glamour of years gone by and the burlesque scene. Her work has been described as having a delicate, feminine quality.“I’ve been passionate about drawing since I was a little girl, particularly portraits and occasionally animals, and a career as an artist is something which I am determined to pursue.” Her work is mostly illustrative and drawing based and often uses pen (fineliners, or ballpoint), but occasionally pencils, then the pieces are coloured either traditionally or scanned and coloured digitally. Though this year she gave her several year old set of oil paints a go for the first time having previously only used acrylic, and is keen to get back into painting and improve her skills in this area.

She has been published in several magazines and created editorial illustrations for newspapers The Lancashire Evening Post and Liverpool Echo.


She has her first gallery exhibition coming up in May, where she will take part in a group show entitled ‘A Brush With Burlesque’ in London, featuring a small group of artists who capture the UK burlesque scene.


“I fell into creating artwork for performers and fans of burlesque really, after attending some burlesque themed life drawing classes called ‘Dr Sketchy’s’ in Liverpool, though they are a nationwide event. Following on from that I created some artwork for local performers, and then through word of mouth I started getting some paid work and it went from there.”


She has created illustrations for many performers in the UK burlesque scene and also done some flyer design work for shows.

Becky's Art

“Burlesque performers and rockabilly ladies are great to draw and paint as they encapsulate that wonderful vintage style and glamour, which makes for a really enjoyable portrait to work on as an artist. I love the simplistic but classic style, a slick of eyeliner and some red lipstick, fabulous.”


Aside from her art, Becky cites her interests as music, comedy, film, and animals, and her favourite location for drawing is at her desk in her apartment, which she shares with her boyfriend, next to a large window overlooking the Derbyshire hills, preferably with a cup of tea and some cake close to hand.

For information on commissions and how to get in touch, or to simply see more of Becky’s work, visit her website or follow her facebook page at



Becky Ryan  – Art & Illustration

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