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Let me introduce you to my brand new band: Dee’s Honeytones. Rhythm and blues with a swing.

It started at The Rockabilly Swamp in 2011. I was playing with my band Dee Ann and the Nightcaptains (still playing till this day with them) at that Dutch annual festival. We stayed there for the whole weekend with Pat, his family and his brother. Pat writes for this website too, and at that time he had his own band Lecter’s Blues.

It was great, being on stage myself, watching other bands, and when the event was almost over we played in front of our tents.

Late 2011, my husband Mars and me, invited him and his family over to our home for Halloween, and also to get his guitar and shake that thing with us. It was a match made in heaven. We rehearsed and recorded with him, the next few weeks. Then in 2012 we invited Joe. A friend of ours we know for almost 20 years, but we never played together.

After Joe joined us, we had to speed up our rehearsals, because… our band was only 5 months old, we had our first gig comin’ at the Piek in Vlissingen. We didn’t really count on that, but we could not refuse this offer.

I picked up piano playing, which I didn’t touch for over 8 years. And also started playing the guitar. Oh, well… why not… I have nothing to do anyway (yes I do… a lot!) So that’s how we got together.

The songs I write are mostly inspired by watching other people’s lives. And some of them autobiographical. Like Hot Date, is about the first date I had with Mars. I was 45 minutes late, because I was about to get in the bus and had a tear in my stocking. I had to go back home to change my stocking. I was afraid he would leave, but he stayed the whole 45 minutes, waiting for me.

I could tell a story about every song I write but I won’t for now.

Mars is the other songwriter and does a very good job too I think. Hot damn, is a very catchy song about a date in a V8 car, which has to come to a premature end sadly.

But first: get a couple of new origals and covers done, as well as playing some live gigs and performing at a radio show.!/pages/Dees-Honeytones/169336013168272

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