Erin Go Braughless

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What else can I say? With a stage name like “Erin Go Braughless” we just had to interview her! I think you’ll agree, she’s a real winner!

Give us the lowdown on who you are and what you do?

My stage name is Erin Go Braughless and I have been a burlesque performer for about 3 1/2 years now here in Austin, Texas. I mainly focus on the more comedic aspect of burlesque with very vaudeville influenced routines that make a farce of sexuality as a means of embracing it.

How did you get into burlesque scene?

I got into doing burlesque when I responded to an open audition for a troupe in Austin called Big Star Burlesque that, at the time, was a plus-size only troupe. I originally decided to try out as a way to make friends in town, but after I stepped foot on stage for the first time I was hooked and haven’t been able to look back! I recently became a solo performer and that has allowed me to really focus on my character and my goals as a dancer which has been a great experience

Is teaching burlesque very different than performing it?

Teaching burlesque is a very rewarding way of performing in my eyes, because I am still up there doing the moves and still trying to be funny and entertaining and sexy, but I am passing on a little bit of my sexiness and sass to each of the people in my class. I love being able to pass on something that I see as so special to other women and seeing the wallflowers transform into total va-va-voom over the course of an hour or two.

Any funny stories about performing before a crowd?

For me, the funniest thing that has happened on stage was at an event called the Louisiana Swamp Thing and Crawfish Festival where we were opening for George Clinton to a huge crowd of maybe 1,500 people or so. I was doing my routine and right in the middle I made eye contact with this soccer mom that was just smiling and clapping along with my song when all of the sudden I saw her face just drop and her jaw hit the floor and I knew that my pastie had fallen off. So, congrats to all those that saw my nipple that day! Apologies to all who had children at that event.

How would you describe the Texas rockabilly or psychobilly scene?

Living in Austin, we are the live music capital of the world, so there is always some amazing music being played somewhere that all the rockabilly kids can go see and dance too. We are also really big on sock hops here and car shows, including the amazing Lone Star Round-Up that happens every April, which is pretty much a national holiday for anyone involved in the scene.

What is some of your favorite music to bump and grind to?

I love soul music. I really don’t know if I could exist without it. Nothing makes me want to take my clothes off more than some really, really good soul music. But for stage stuff, I usually pick something a bit faster because that is more suited to comedic performances and they range from selections from musicals, the big band, to 80’s. Stage stuff is more about fitting the theme for my routine than what gets me hot, that is better left for warm-up, and cool down.

Do you listen to different kinds of music than what you strip to?

I listen to tons of music that I strip to all the time, I have a big list of songs that I dance to while I work on material for classes or new routines that may never see the stage, but I am also a big sucker for just plain great dance music like The Scissor Sisters and more poppy stuff too. My musical tastes are all over the board.

What’s next for you?

After being on America’s Got Talent this year, I kind of feel like the world is my oyster. Once you do that and you have the threat of that ‘X’ being hit at any time, you can handle any stage or any crowd! Right now, I am focusing on having my baby that is due in early January and then getting back on the stage the second I am able to. But, I might be making an appearance or two around the Holidays to pay homage to everyone’s favorite virgin mother . . .

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