YouTube for the modern day Pin Up?

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In today’s technological age, being fashion savvy has never been easier. We can check up on the latest fashions, fads and trends by one click of a mouse button. We can get make up tutorials and sewing tutorials as well as catch up on the latest blogs of our favourite pin-ups and watch the best clips of that movie you just can’t get enough of. It’s a sure thing, 2012 is a good year to be a rockabilly/pin-up/ burlesque chick. So what of the originals? How did they do it all? Well they would have got the latest magazines or perhaps copied their friends much like we did as kids.

It is fascinating how no matter how much technology there is in the world, some one, some where, some how will manage to get hold of something that will rock your world for ever (or at least that short time that it sparks your interest). This inside man (or woman) manages to get hold of the most top secret information, a new song, a new film, a new fashion trend that will break boundaries. No matter how internet savvy you are there is always some person who manages to go one better than you. So how does this work to the rockabilly’s advantage? Well quite simply, it means that we can have the best of both worlds.

Being a pin-up girl, a rockabilly fanatic or a burlesque queen in 2012 means that we can look back on the original styles of the day and stay true to the glamour and the golden age of cinema and we can take a new romantic approach by mixing it up, adding new hair pieces, new twists on the old hair or make up regime or ideas for tattoos, which in the 40’s and 50’s girls wouldn’t normally have had.  You tube means you can learn the moves of a burlesque queen and amaze your partner. Websites mean that you can buy fantastic originals or reproductions from any where in the world. We can download new and old songs from the era and can get make up tips and steal the images of your favourite gal for your computer or bedroom. We can buy movie posters, films and sound tracks a lot easier now and can converse with real life pin up models and get their tips and tricks.

Modern Pin Up Ashley Marie

I personally can not see anything wrong with using a bit of modern technology to embrace the old styles of the 40’s and 50’s. I’m sure that if Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly could time travel, they would love to see what has become of their beloved glamour and I’d like to think they’d approve of us using our world wide web to enhance our experience of the past.

I’m not going to say that we have improved the past but we have enhanced it. After all we live in a completely different world to that of the originals. We have more acceptance and images that we have today of models and beauty is quite different from theirs. So we should embrace the change and accept that we can stick to the original in our modern world and we can mix it up and adapt it too.

Either way you choose to be what you are, and no one and nothing should stand in the way of that. So to our YouTube generation out there, embrace what you have and use it to your advantage and do good with it. Make the world a more glamorous place.

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