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Anna Magnusson, from the west of Sweden called Värmland.

Born and raised into the Swedish car culture, meaning American cars, rock n’ roll music and of course a bear in your hand, all this in the community of many friends.

I am a self-taught hobby photographer that mostly likes to work outdoors, and off course I always carry my Camera with me, People that have seen my pictures often have the comment that it has a humorous intention and has an own style.
I like to take  pictures with a ‘50s –‘60s theme. My most faithful of models are Emma Magnusson, Erica Fjäll and my daughters, Emma and Wilma Magnusson. With Erica and Emma I got a very good cooperation and we take photos any time in the year, different themes and places, but the main theme is always the ‘50s. They bring the props and the idea we work out together. My daughters also help me with ideas and stands model. I also take other orders with other models, American cars, christenings, wedding, sport, animal and nature.

The last couple of years I’ve started taking pictures of different rock n’ roll bands, for example SNAKEBITE, that I have a very good relationship to. I use to photo them live and has also taken the pictures of their latest CD-Cover, “Let’s Rock N Roll”. I also make youtube clip for them, with my pictures and their music.

I have also started to work with an upcoming band from Sweden called SPEEDJUNKIES.

When I have the time and desire I paint pictures I had about thirty  art exhibitions and sold about 30 paintings in Sweden and Norway.


More info regarding GYCKLARKONST you’ll find at can also find me at Facebook and youtube, just search for Annas Gycklarkonst.



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