Los Primitivos Rockabilly from Buenos Aires

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Los Primitivos Rockabilly

I got an email from Argentina. A guy who is a fan of Los Primitivos Rockabilly, wanted Rockabilly online to take a look at his favorite band on youtube. I’m always interested in Rockabilly bands from countries, who we don’t get to know that easily. So I sent an email to Los Primitivos Rockabilly, and they were happy to introduce themselves to the world and it seems to me they’re a bunch of fun guys!

We’re LOS PRIMITIVOS, a Buenos Aires, Argentina rockabilly trio. PHONZY: SlapBass & Vox, ANIMAL LEE: Drums & Vox and PETER ALEKSEY: Guitar & Vox. Phonzy and Lee start playing rockabilly together back in 1986. After they went to a Casanovas show in 1988( the very first band in the city to play rockabilly ) they decide to start with Los Primitivos. Off course Casanovas is one of our influences, along with Stray Cats are The Band’s main dishes on those early days. 24 years later we can list hundreds of artist who influences us…just to name a few: Johnny Burnette, Hank Williams, Hasil Adkins, Wynonie Harris, Ramones, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Scremin’ Jay Hawkins, etc, etc.

We’re proud of our new album: ELECTRIC RECORDINGS. It was recorded on a hot weekend and it’s our best to date. You can hear on it a wide spectrum of influences that made that Primitivos’ sound: Old School Psychobilly on “Bastardos de la luna”, Honky Tonk on “Borracho Enamorado”, a more classic 50s sound on our version of the classic “Bloodshot Eyes” and a more hybrid neo-rockabilly orientated sounds on “Yo te digo no”, “One and only” and the band’s yet classic but unrecorded to this album “Nacido par perder”. Also we include a very melodic country version of The Misfits’ “Hybrid Moments” as hidden bonus track.

After years of doing gigs to 40, maybe 50 people ( before internet only that amount of people knows and appreciate rockabilly in Buenos Aires) we’re proud to tell you that we have a small but healty and growing 400 people scene. Buenos Aires it’s the main city with most of the bands: The pioneers CASANOVAS, along with us, MOTORAMA, RADIO TEXAS, FLAVIO CASANOVA, SAM & THE ROLL BOYS, HOLY COWS, LOS ELECTROS, BOOGIE Y LOS ACEITOSOS are the city’s main acts. Rosario it’s the hometown of the amazing THE BROKEN TOYS ( one of the best live shows you can find in this country) also there you can find the most radical 50s sounded rockabilly band around: LOS WOLFMEN. Thanks to that grow of the scene we have bands starting on Cordoba (THE CHICKEN FACES) and Mar Del Plata (JINETES FANTASMAS).

We don’t have exclusive rockabilly venues in the city, but SALON PUEYRREDON ( Buenos AIres’ own CBGB’s ) always give a room to the scene bands. Also we have @Mundo Bizarro Cocktail Lounge and Grill, where you can hear the finest Rockabilly music while you sip the best cocktails around.
Also the RECKLESS CLUB monthly party held both djs and live acts with the best Rockabilly, Psycho, Ska, Punk, Oi. The place i’ts always packed!

In almost 25 years doing shows we have a lot of storys. Of the funny kind and the others too. Let me see: Breaking the bass and guitar in a wild rush end of the song and not be able to go on with the show: Done. Jump to the mosh from stage and break an arm an not be able to go on with the show: Done that too! Play the whole band naked on a packed venue: Don…No, we don’t do that yet. Maybe the next show… ;P

We’ll tell you what we don’t do in stage: Break our instruments or arms anymore! HaHa! We learn the lesson! ;P And on the near future we have planned play naked… No, seriously we’re planning a new south-american tour, a conmmemorative 25th anniversary vinyl release of early unreleased material and eventually, dominate the world!!!

Cheers from Buenos Aires, land of Asados, finest wines and Los Primitivos!!!
Here you can hear to Electric Recordings:




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