The Blue Cats live@the Rambler

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The 14th of October 2012 will be noted as the day Rockabilly came back to Eindhoven.

The last time the Blue Cats came over to Eindhoven must have been somewhere in the eighties, hell the last time they came to Holland was in the mid nineties. I sure hope i don’t have to wait another 20 years before they come back again.

The Rambler was packed with Rockers young and old, even verry young  (glad to see some parents try to get rockabilly in at a  young age).

For those concerned it was a verry early gig and the lad was wearing earplugs (not every rocker lives in a trailer).

The Band opened with “Gotta go” a song from their G-men period. A great set followed with songs from the Fight back and Tunnel album. Brand new songs from the coming album Billy Ruffians and Norton spirit. Not many bands around with so much energy and great tunes the crowed rocked and sang along with every song. If you closed you’re eyes you where back in the eighties  when neo rockabilly was new and fresh (damn i sound like a dinosaur).

After Getting drinks on stage i was verry verry pleased the band played  “Captain Blood and Nightfishing” both from their Beltane Fire period as an encore. Bassplayer Steve Whitehouse had a smile from ear to ear the entire gig which i can imagine as i’m sure he went trough the ceiling when they asked him to join the band.They couldn’t have made a better choice.

There are few gigs that people will talk about for years and this was one of them.

Can’t wait to get my greedy hands on the new album which should be released by the end of october and hope the Blue Cats are back soon.

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