Calabrese Show and CD Review

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On Friday, October 12th, 2012, Calabrese came back for their
second tour to Chicago for their upcoming cd called, ” Dayglo
Necros”. Calabrese played to a fully packed crowd at the new
Ultra Lounge in Chicago and rocked all nite long. Balls out, hard
and strong and in our faces and ready to rock. This was the nite to
truely feel Halloween and have the ghouls come out and danse
and make their presence known. Calabrese were so happy to grace
Chicago again. You could truely feel the love, like a family to the dead.
They played old skool favourites such as, ” Everyday’s a Funeral “,
” Backseat of my Hearse “,”Zombie I “, and new songs too, the best of
both worlds. Theatrics throughout the show, from Davey showing his love
for Elvis and Bobby for Star Wars. Truely eye candy across the board. This
band never misses a trick and leaves you with a treat. It was an invitation for
the dead to rise and rock. “Dayglo Necros “, is the new album and it stays in
true Calabrese fashion. We begin with , Track one, ” The Dead don’t Rise ” and
Davey sings about the ” Dying Planet and the ” Black Hole pulling the Sun “. Truely
in apocalyptic tales of what we are facing and how the dead don’t rise. Hard
edged guitars,strumming in unison, setting the tempo and three counterparts
merge in harmony and action. Sporting vampire fashion to the letter, setting
the tempo for us to move and groove and ” skelebrate ” life as we know it
to the best of our ability and hope for this dark future. Progressing on through
this reviewing journey we come to track three, ” Heart Posssesion “,which is
a heart pulling at the strings lilttle dark diddy that rocked and wrecked and clenched
hard and didn’t let go. Davey is the lyricist and truely brings forth the tales of woe,
pomp and circumstance in death fashion. Whether we like it or not, it is there to
hold dear and run with it and never forget the message that lies underneath the
floorboards. We move on to track Six, ” She hasn’t been Herself in Years “, which is
truely memorable and hardcore to the core. Davey sings, ” Try to take back her soul “,
” She hasn’t been Herself in Years”, a tale of a little lost girl, truely lost to the devil.
I could see this track in a horror movie score and dansefloor. Calabrese is about dancing,
drinking and toasting to the dead. They rock, never disappoint and deliever. The rest of
the album leaves, uniqueness, intrigue and inspiration track after track. Calabrese is
back in black and better then ever and this time the dead will rise to their occasion and
danse to the beat of the big “C” ~ 3 things to remember, Collars up, fists raised and
be one of us . ~ 4 stars Christina Death

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