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Buffalo Billy’s is a Neo Swing Orchestra, founded in 2000 by Fernando Slap and Anselmo Blotta. Actually, it is the only Neo swing Orchestra of Argentina.
In October they will be celebrating their 12th birthday anniversary of the band.

We can say, that in Argentina, they are quit famous; they’ve already played in many tv  and radio shows and in 2010 this eleven piece big band recorded its first album called ¨Swinging Baires¨ with the sponsorship of Warner Chappell Argentina.

Tell us more about your band Buffalo Billy’s?

This is an eleven piece Big Band of Neo Swing and Rockabilly. In Argentina this kind of music is rare.

Buffalo Billys was created in 2000 by Anselmo Blotta (singer and Guitarrist) and Fernando Slap (Rockabilly Bass). The band comes from a rockabilly trio formed by Anselmo and Fernando around 1998.

In early 2001 we filmed his first video clip “Casino Clandestino”, which was published in the study “A Band Apart” by director Quentin Tarantino.

In 2003, the record company Wolverine Records from Germany, edited our version of Los Violadores \”Uno, Dos Ultra Violento\” within the \”Swing a Billy Chartbusters\”. In the 2010 the same company edited our song “Gint Tonic” in compilation Swing´s not dead


At the beginning of 2007 we were the orchestra of Rubén Rada´s tv show issued by Channel 7, in that program we played with Rubén Rada, Gillespie, Ricardo Tapia and other local and foreign artists.

In 2009 we released our first album “Swinging Baires” (which is accompanied by a journal) supported by Warner Chappell.

In early 2011 Buffalo Billys was chosen by Roberto Pettinato (one of the most important member of SUMO. one of the must important rock bands in Argentina) to record ¨Los viejos vinagres¨

In the middle of 2011 Buffalo Billys was chosen by Fox channel to record the 4 season of “el toque Aquiles” with the Mexican chef Aquiles Chavez, broadcast in the U.S. and all Latin America.

Are you all professional musicians? Yes

You are not playing everyday music, especially in Argentina, did you grew up with this kind of music? I have been listening to Rockabilly music since I was 13. During the late 80s It was dificult to get some records and Rockabilly stuff in Argentina. Internet didn´t exist at that time and we shared only some Elvis and Stray cats records. (Anselmo)

During the 90s I was a kid I grew up listening to Queen, the beatles, creedence and some Argentinian rock bands until a friend gave me a Stray Cats CD and I could stop istening to them.

You’ve recorded an album in 2010; can we expect another album in the future? Yes, we are working in new song, we hope it can be published next year. This cd has songs with the big band and Rockabilly trio

Do you play only covers or do you write songs your self? We play covers of different styles arranged for big band swing and write our own songs too.

Is there any place you would really like to play? Japan and the USA but we really want to play all around the world 🙂

Where can the people see you live on stage the next few months? On our website you can find the tour dates, but we will play in different theaters from Bueno Aires in Argentina

What’s your greatest wish for the future? Still Rocking.

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