The Bopcats: 25 years of Rock ‘n Roll – CD review

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The Bopcats – not to be confused with the close group of Rock ’n Roll friends from Amsterdam The Netherlands – is a band from Richmond Virginia (USA) and they have been playing bars, clubs and parties since the 70’s.

The band members are Lindy Fralin (guitar and vocals), Paul Hammond (drums and vocals) and Steve Hudgins (bass and vocals).

They recorded their first record (vinyl) in 1984. Since then they have recorded mostly self produced tapes for promo use. But now, the time was right to release an album called “25 years of Rock ‘n Roll”, released by EllerSoul records.
This collection spans 25 years of great friends and great music featuring 17 songs, including 11 band originals.

Their music is influenced by great artists like Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry and even some surf legends and that diversity is good to hear on the album.
It’s really good old fashioned Rock ‘n Roll, mixed with some up tempo Rockabilly and blues songs. It’s obvious that the guys have a rich experience in the scene. The musical qualities are excellent, just like the vocals.
Just a good CD to have a great old-fashioned Rock ‘n Roll evening.

More info about the band check their website
More info about EllerSoul records:  


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