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Two modern vintage gals

Two modern vintage gals

After a long absence from writing I am back at my computer with a clear mind. I was allowed to let my mind wonder and rest for a while and one thing that I found is that vintage has come back in to fashion. The public have gone vintage crazy buying everything from house wear to clothes, vehicles to make up and accessories for everything. It is now possible for everyone to have a little of vintage, something quirky and unique to them that adds a twist on everyday life. It is now easier than ever to get hold of vintage styles and styling techniques in our ever increasing modern world.

As a rockabilly and a wannabe pin up I am seeing the positive to this. I no longer have to ask my grandma for hairstyling tips and neither do I have to hunt and tear a part the various charity shops. We now have used our gaining knowledge of technology to enhance our need for all things vintage with websites dedicated to various hairstyles and fashion ideas for any era. Now that we have a fascination with all things old it means that we can get originals and reproductions making everyone a happy customer.

You tube is filled with hair tutorials and so is the rest of the internet and online magazines making everyone from the ‘one night of fun’ girl to the hardcore ‘rockabilly is my life’ girl. Facebook now has allowed sellers to set up shops and pages are dedicated to trading/selling pre loved clothes and jewellery and anything else that takes their fancy. You really can not see a bad thing about this as we are embracing both the past and the future. It provides a quirky escape from the realities in the news and a bright pop of colour is added to someone’s life making smiles even more contagious. Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page can meet for lunch at the same table as the modern career woman and the fashionista whilst discussing the latest Apple product to hit the market and what headphones they are listening to the new Lady Gaga album on. It really is a case of two worlds colliding for the better. We can unlock archive footage that has never been seen before and witness the quality and strangeness of the retro world. And to be honest I think we have it better off than our counterparts in the 50’s. For one we have come along way in the world of medicine and have better and more in control methods for diseases and illnesses that would have stumped the good doctors 60 years ago. We have a unique understanding and advantage given the history of ludicrous cures from our history to cure the ill today and we do not hide the ‘crazies’ away in a padded room but want to understand their ways and reasons.

Pin up Maid

Pin up Maid

We have a better quality of food and understanding of living in today’s world. And while you may argue that we are getting lazy and fat I for one only see that as the media’s side to the story.Yes we have more media coverage of the bad and the mean people in the world but if you look at our modern world as a whole you will see that we have more pro’s than con’s. I could list them here but that would make a huge article that wouldn’t be interesting to read.

So grab your circle skirts and your I pods for a day painting the town red and embrace your inner 50’s housewife baking lovely goodies after your trip to the office and the gym. It really is the best of both worlds.

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