A normal Sunday

My workstation last Saturday

I woke up last Sunday,

havin’ a hangover from the birthday party the day before. The sun was shining, early in the morning, and i remembered something the bass player of Liptease and the Backstreet Crackbangers (Liptease) told me. They were supposed to play on the cape, here in my hometown, during World Port Classics. I’d spinned the wax there the day before. So I decided to first eat something and comb my quiff bef

Liptease, after the break. The girls changed their clothing, leaving even less to the imagination!

ore checking them out.

This band, going on for six years now, became extra popular with the dutch show Hollands Got Talent, becoming a good second( every

The Bassplayer, Jesse van der Heijden

one disagreed including me). I first saw them a year ago, and was amazed by their style and musical talent. They play modern day songs Rockabilly style, with a sniff of The Andrew Sisters.

They’ ve actually became even better then the last time I saw them! The girls were fabulous as ever, Wearing orange tops and shorts. That made the warm day even hotter 😉 The bassplayer and drummer,both very active in the Rock and Roll world, rocked out and once again did their special smoking-a-sigaret-act during the cover of ‘Stairway to Heaven’. The guitarist went wild, with moves like Berry and guitar licks between the songs from the Shadows and bringing twang like Duane Eddy!

Then I was asked by the roadie of Liptease to drive with them to Dordrecht,to the Melkbus, which i wrote about earlier. I love to go there, the people are always nice and the beers always cold! The Astro zombies were performing there, so I thought, why in Elvis’ name not! I had a beer in the sun and met the band, while they were building up to play. Their style is a bit between psycho and Rockabilly.

It was fullhouse! A lot of people, old rockers and new generation rockers and psycho’s, came to watch this living room concert. They raised the roof! I was especially fond of the cover of “Bang Bang” by Nancy Sinatra. Funny thing is that I heard another great

The Astro Zombies

version of this song earlier today, with Liptease, but that was more like The Andrew Sisters, while this was top Neobilly!

At the and of the evenin’ I saw that the guitarist from Liptease,Wesley Nuis aka WahWahWes, also came to watch the band. Talked to him for a while, and he said he was going to The Hague for a rockin’ jamsession the next day. I wished him luck, and then i figured it was time for me to go on home.

It turned out to be just a normal sunday…. for a ted! Hangover was gone too 😉 The Melkbus: https://www.facebook.com/TheaterDeMelkbusLiptease: https://www.facebook.com/LipteaseofficialThe Astro Zombies: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ASTRO-ZOMBIES