Elvis and June: a love story


“Out on the streets or a club I go in, I wear conservative clothes. Something not too flashy. But on stage I like them as flashy as I can get ‘em. Because on stage your clothes play a very important part.”

Elvis Presley

Today it is 33 years ago Elvis left this world and millions of people in mourning. So I took out the only DVD of Elvis that I own and watched it for the third time: Elvis & June: a love story.

It is a documentary about the summer of 1956, when Elvis and June Juanico, a girl from Biloxi, spent a wonderful time together. June tells how they met the year before, before he got famous. He was popular, but he only knew eight songs. As she is telling about their first meeting, you can still tell she relives the moment by her grins. Even if it was years and years later.

8mm footage, taken by June’s mother’s boyfriend, is shown of the deepsea fishing trip Elvis, his friends and parents, June and her parents and friends are taking. To me this is really vintage material. Elvis in his natural state. You even see his mom, feeding him his famous banana peanutbutter sandwiches.

A year later, his fame has increased and he is starting to feel that he lost control of his life. As we all know how the Colonel decided every move Elvis would take.
June tells that Elvis

absolutely hated musicals. They went to the King and I, but in the middle of it, they took off, because Elvis could not stand the singing. And we all know how he ended up, starting with the movie “Love me tender”.

About al the fans screaming for him he said to June: “They don’t love me, they love the idea of me.”

Maybe nothing new, all the things we already know about Elvis, but this documentary really moved me, to see, Elvis in his natural state. Not knowing how much he would be losing his soul, his heart and eventually too soon…. his life.