Foxy and her Ravens

The EP, with promotional material

I got a surprise in the mail yesterday! Foxy and her Ravens, new Rockabillyband from lead female vocalist Stephanie ‘Foxy’ Vos, had a new mini EP coming out, so offcourse I wanted one! I’m always out for new Rockabilly talent. Especially when there’s a female on the lead, we don’t see them very often 😉

The rest of the band exist of lead guitarist Michael Warlich, drummer Aeilko van der Wagen and Huey Moor. Some may know Huey from his basslappin’ in Miss Mary Ann & the Ragtime Wranglers. The band likes mixing traditional rockabilly with jazz and rhythm ’n’ blues, which is the direct opposite of the more country-influenced rockabilly that is popular. I’m also more of the rhythm ’n’ blues sound, so I was excited when I closed the tray and played the album, titled Sweet Temptation.

The band, Aeilko, Foxy, Huey and Michael

Track one sounded somewhat familiar. Being one of the best covers of the original by Wayne Walker, Foxy’s version of “All I Can Do Is Cry” tops of the album, with heavy sounding bass and Foxy letting you hear she means business! Second is the title track of the mini EP, Sweet Temptation. Foxy told me: “Fun fact, that was my first song ever written, before that I didn’t write or even did anything with music!”. The song itself is a fast, fun number to listen and even move your feet to.

Going jazz this time! For number three, Foxy decided to cover Summertime, officially a jazz-aria composed by George Gershwin. She takes it to a rockabilly ballad, makes it more into a upbeat song. The result is a great record! Foxy’s voice sounds fantastic, and the combination with the bass is great! Back to the rockabilly side, track four is another cover song, this time of Johnny Burnette’s song Lonesome Train. Awesome bopper, great song. The female touch to the song makes this cover to a success.

Last but surely not least, Foxy made a cover of Peggy Lee’s jazz song, Why

The fabulous and beautiful Foxy

Don’t You Do Right. Since the first time I heard this version I knew it: this is a stroller! Speeding up the Peggy Lee version, but still keeping the strolling the night away-feeling, this is a song for my DJ-box.

My conclusion to this EP: It really was a surprise, a pleasant one! I like it! Great voice, great musicians. I think we’re going to here Foxy’s voice a lot more!