Giemmegi kitchen

“Ever heard of Giemmegi Kitchens?” A friend of ours asked. “It is an Italian brand. Their design is based on vintage kitchens from the ’50 and ’60. ” We never heard of the brand nor seen a Giemmegi kitchen. We looked online and there it was, the most beautiful kitchens we ever had seen. “And even better”, our friend continued, we bought one of those kitchens second hand. His wife almost pushed him away to prevent him from telling the story the wrong way. “This is a magical story” she said. “It began ten years ago. We saw our dream kitchen in a mega store. It was love on first sight. But we almost fainted when hearing the price. 20.000 Dutch Guilders. That is almost 9000 Euro’s.” They could not afford it. But it was so beautiful. She asked for a brochure and kept it as a treasure for her dream kitchen they could never own. Or could they?

Some years later they browsed on the internet, on a Dutch Ebay like website. And there it was, that exact kitchen, in someone’s house. And she really meant, that exact kitchen which was a showroom model in that mega store. Someone bought it, build it in his house and moved. The new house owner wanted another one and put this one for sale. Now they could afford it. She still got the brochure hidden somewhere and took it out. Could this be a dream come true?

They went to buy the kitchen and dragged it to their house. At last… it was theirs! Exept… they did not measure anything. Not in their house, not the Giemmegi. Putting all the cabinets and pieces together… it did not fit! Damn! How ironic was this? Which sick game was this Universe playing? They wanted it so bad, they found that exact one, they bought it, but still it could not be theirs.

“And so,” he continued with a sad face ”we got a Giemmegi for sale. Do you want to buy it. Did we? Yes we did? But first… we measured our old kitchen and then we went seeing their Giemmegi. It was so beautiful. The rounded and curved shapes, the half round vanilla cabinets contrasting the brown wooden cabinet. The Italian company Giemmegi designs kitchens according to the philosophy of Feng Shui for many years.

My father in law (a carpenter) went with us. He is a perfectionist when renovating a house. And when seeing this kitchen even he got enthousiastic. I did not expect that. But Giemmegi does that to you, that magical voodoo. Ofcourse the kitchen was secondhand, but with some cleaning and polishing, it would be great. Sadly, the measuring numbers told us that our kitchen was too small, or the Giemmegi too big. What a disappointment. I wanted it so bad too. I was hypnotised by Giemmegi.

So, … no… it is not ours either. Still this beautiful Giemmegi kitchen is for sale. It is stored in the Netherlands, Zuid-Holland.

If you are interested, please contact us through our contact form (on the right menu). Giemmegi is waiting for a new home where it will be appreciated.

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