Pinup of the week: Tea Martini

As we promised, here is the biography of the lovely Tea Martini especially for rockabilly-online:

Tea Says: Hi there! I am a 23 y/o up-and-coming pin up model currently living in the DFW, Tx. I was born & raised in Anaheim, CA where my love affair with pin up & rockabilly began. I remember my very first spark of interest in Rockabilly as a lifestyle. I was a preteen and already a fan of ’40s&’50s music and movies, and was already becoming more and more enthralled by classic actresses and Vargas girls the more I discovered. One day at my mother’s friend’s home, my mother’s friend’s daughter and her boyfriend showed up, both decked out in supreme rockabilly fashion. I was fascinated! I was inspired! I didn’t know that people did that; that I could be from whatever era I wanted! My first attempts at the fashion were pathetic but not without zeal. However, I was about 11 and my inspirers were in their twenties. My pursuit subsided quickly, for I was slightly embarassed knowing I wasn’t nearly cool enough, knoweldgeble enough, or mature enough to pull it off like I’d wanted to. But I kept learning and discovering more as I got older and started proficiently bringing the style back into my life in my teens. Now I’m acheiving the look I’ve always desired and felt best as and I am taking a very serious stab at pin-up modeling.

Moving to Texas, especially this area, has been great for my passion in pin up modeling and involvement in the rockabilly subculture.  DFW is a great area to celebrate the rockabilly way with frequent shows, car shows, and tattoo & burlesque events. 

This particular picture was from a shoot I did with prominent pin up photographer Roy Varga in late January of this year. Hopefully you would never be able to guess that this was shot at the crack of dawn in the freezing garage of Dallas’ admired THEM! car club! 

For me, pin-up modeling is straight from my heart as tribute to the era, the music, the lifestyle, the art, & the fashion, that I have grown to love and belong to. My efforts are not just to be ogled and to tease, but moreso to ultimately recreate & pay homage to something that I am passionate for.  Through modeling I am aiming to work with many different photographers & designers on vintage inspired projects, be a part of more community events and build a noteworthy portfolio.