Ross Kleiner & the Thrill – You don’t move me (album review)

Ross Kleiner & the Thrill are a rock and roll quartet from Minneapolis USA. Their album ‘You don’t move me’ will be officially released on September 7th 2013, but it is now available on Itunes, amazon etc.. I got a preview,… or prelistening to see what it’s all about!

Ross’ voice reminds of James Intvelt in some way and looking like a young Chris Isaak, I wonder if Chris’ music would have sounded like this if he would have stuck to his roots. For this album percussion, piano and organ complete the songs here and there.

The songs are a mix between rockabilly, neo-rockabilly and rhythm and blues, with a pinch of swing in “Clutching Pearls”.

Most songs written by Ross Kleiner himself.

A great album to have in your car and hit the road with the Rockabilly “Without you” blasting out of your speakers, or even with your lover in a abandoned parkinglot playing “Only wanna be with you”.

This album is in my car for sure!