Slapback Johnny – Hit me up (Album review)

Slapback Johnny’s debut album Hit me up is out now! They have been hitting the stages since 2012, and now we can enjoy them in our very homes, cars or even at work. They have succeeded to grab their high speed energetic rockabilly together and press it into this album.</p>
13 original songs written by Richard (drums) and Rex (Guitars), sung by Peter (double bass). Added horns by Tim Blonk, Lodewijk Reijs and A. Schouten. Piano and Hammond by R. Van Gasteren. Released by Rhythm bomb records. The cd sleeve, with a big hog head on the center, is designed by

It opens with a machine gun fire, oh no wait, it’s Richard’s drum roll starting the first song “Bombshell” an homage to the women so beautiful and sexy, they make heads turn once they enter the room. Peter’s raw voice and Rex’s guitar sound and -riffs gives us all the basic rockabilly ingredients we need.

The title song “Hit me up”, I think you guys really love this excelent uptempo rockabilly song that is characteristic for Slapback Johnny.

The horns adds a nice warm sauce on “Throw Down”. They give it a big band feel on “Doin’ time”. All male backing vocals on almost all the songs (I’ve been told that sax player Tim Blonk also joined in).

It’s not all fast and speedy. “Last night” is a ballad written by Rex Adriaansz, wallpapered by warm Hammond chords.

One of my favorite movies is Cry Baby (from John Waters). If James Intveldt wouldn’t have done the soundtrack, Slapback Johnny would be the best replacement. I’m sorry, I’m just thinking out loud now.

If you’re really into rockabilly, check out their gig list and buy their god damn cd, you won’t regret it:

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