Surfaders: Rockin’ Surf

Hello boppers ’n kittens, long time no review! I will make that up to y’all! 😀

Last month I was at the driveinn barn. I was taking my latest treasures (vinyl off course) to my tent, when a guy called Stephen came up to me. He wore a waistcoat, with Edwardian pocketwatch and crepe sole shoes. He introduced himself, and his lovely family. His kids where all in style, waistcoat and all, just like their dad! He asked me if I could listen to his new album, which also is his first, from his band The Surfaders. I heard about them, they’re from my hometown Rotterdam. I told him that I could write a review if he liked that. Which of course, Stephen did 😀

First the band. Stephen, whom I met, is the guitarplayer of the band, one of two. Jonas plays the second guitar, Gaston on the Bass, Evert and JW on Drums and René on the Vocals ( the next album will have more rockabilly-western sound surf on it).

Now on the album. Surf usually relaxes me, you listen to surf on a laisy afternoon. Song number three, Trouble In Tijuana falls in that category, with his relaxing stringpickin’ riff. But sometimes, just sometimes, i find some Surf i can dance to(Tequila by The Champs). Dragstrip Murder Mystery, the second and title track of the album, is such a song, a upbeat, fast jiver. But the best jiver, in my opinion, is track 9, Return Of The Reverb Kid! Also one of my favorites is track five, El Sheik, with his drum intro and fast guitar pickin’, although at the end it goes a little slow! Which isn’t bad, track 6(A TRANQUIL END TO A SURFER’S DAY) also has a slow pitch in the beginning, but builds up the speed as the song continues.

Conclusion: Though most of this songs are relaxing surfsongs, how surf is meant to be, some go a little further and make you want to get a girl and jive on the floor! And it makes me very curious about their next album, which they are recording now! 😀

One last mention: some of the intro vocals are hillarious! (“Well, seen that you carry a gun, lets see if you can use it”, track 11, El Pistolero Desmemorido)