The four star combo – Wait a minute baby (album review)

I received this album from 2014 on Man o man! Records from The Four Star Combo. This band from Washington DC area, started in 2007. Let me introduce to you the guys on the cover of this album:

Ron Scott, lead vocal, acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica
Eric Hurtt, lead guitar, vocals, lead vocals on Slipping out and slipping In
Donovan Stokes, double bass, vocals
Drake Sorey, drums, vocals

The bandmembers have quite a musical history. Ron, founder of the band, started in 1981 playing numerous rockabilly gigs in the area of Greater Boston and New England before he returned to Washington DC in 2006, sharing stages with, the Paladins, Big Sandy and His Flyrite Boys, Sleepy LaBeef and many more.

Donovan, has an instructional video on Rockabilly/ Psycobillly Upright Basss Slap Technique and teaches music online and at Shenandoah University-Conservatory in Winchester.

The band all dressed up looking perfect for the music they bring to you on their frist full length album. What do I see? A mix of plain good old rockabilly, honkeytonk and vintage instruments. Well that’s exactly what I heard on their album, containing the bands originals and covers (A Hole in My Pocket).  Honkeytonk original, Conscience to the wind, makes you sing along with the lyrics easily. Buzzsaw is an instrumental with a surf style. A variation of Americana roots styles and influences you can hear very well in this albums. Ron has a deep rock and roll voice you can compare easily to singers of the ol’ days. They have a sound Gene Vincent would appreciate, especially the guitars. If you are an “old school rock and roller” type, looking for some traditional roots music, here you are! An album many would like to bop on!

www.fourstarcombo. com