The Reach around Rodeo Clowns – Rockabilly Deluxe; CD review


Quite an unusual name for this American quartet, but right to the point; an unusual style of Rockabilly. They see themselves as a retro-futuristic Rock ‘n’ Roll spectacle.
The band was founded in 1995 by the brothers Quentin Jones (guitar) and Wendell Jones (vocals), but they’re certainly not slowing down on this sixth album called Rockabilly Deluxe, released by Lanark Records.
Together with Dave Ferrara (drums) and Crusher Carmean (upright bass) they play a mix of rockabilly, surf, rock ‘n’ roll with a punkish attitude. Certainly no traditional rockabilly; but refreshing it is!

Ten songs on this album, all written or co-written by guitarist, producer and arranger Quentin Jones:
King of the Slot Car Track, Long Gone Daddy, Bowling Alley Baby, Wild Crazy and Out of Control, Paranoid Boy, I Used to Be the One, I got the Shakes, I’m Obsessed, It’s Rock & Roll, The Light So Bright.