The Rockats – Rockin’ together: CD review

As founders of the modern Rockabilly scene, all “Cat” bands were inspired by the Rockats.
Coming out of England’s Teddy Boy scene in March of 1977, Rockats’ Dibbs Preston and Smutty Smiff joined with their pal Levi Dexter to form Levi and the Rockats.
They stormed the stages and along the way some hip locals joined them, like Barry Ryan, Danny B. Harvey and Lewis King.
Throughout the early 80’s the Rockats travelled from coast to coast and made a true name with their modern spin of the classic rockabilly sound.

Through record deals, highs and lows, band members, managers and wives coming and going, everyone drifted apart, but in 2012 after a few get togethers it was Lanark Records who brought the band back together to record this new album with 12 new original songs:
The Doubt, Rockin’ together, Why do you love me, The road to hell, Kitten with a whip, Olde Hickory Road, Pink and black Cadillac, Red headed rockin’ gal, Sweet sweet Charlotte, Tear the roof off, Bad love and Reckless Rebel.

All songs are self-written and the cd-cover contains liner notes by Brian Setzer (Stray Cats).
Most of the songs are rockabilly with some country, blues and a little bit of surf. The album sounds great and even after all these years, the Rockats still sound very enthusiastic.
So if you’re looking for good old authentic rockabilly in the style of the Stray Cats, then this must be your choice!