The Wyatt Christmas Five – Slide ‘n’ Jive

Slide ‘n’ Jive is a real treat for the ears and the eyes. The picture on the frontsleeve shows a chique design, with a casual and fun picture of the band. All well dressed in style. Twelve originals and three covers, most of them written by Andy Wyattchristmas and one by Peter Kuhn.

This album is recorded on an 8-track fostex tape machine, with vintage microphones. I also believe an acoustic piano was involved.

The album sleeve contains a booklet, with nice pictures of each bandmember and a short description of each song . It’s fun to listen to the lyrics of the songs, for instance “You can’t wear that”. The comment in the booklet says: “When you “think” that you are dressed pretty nice, but your wife doesn’t agree.”

The album starts with “These Good Times”. Listen to that fresh honkey tonk piano played by Miss Martini. “Moyo hand” shows their rhythm and blues sound, with Peter’s raw voice and roaring harp and Dennis’ drums and stomps. Andy’s composing and surf guitar qualities are very clear on “On the road”. Olaf on walking bass at “Gimme your lovin’” is awesome.

It’s a great production with an authentic sound.

You can slide, swing, swoon, sway, and jive on this album. It’s got Miss Martini’s piano riffs and runs, all you want and all you need.

The Wyatt Christmas Five, a German band with an American sound and a great sense of humor.