Urbind Sign Retro Furniture

We had passed a rough year and survived. A change had come into our lives and with that we needed a visual change too. That means new furniture.It was such a surprise when we strolled in, just a small town like Vlaardingen (The Netherlands) and bumped into this narrow shop of Urbind Sign. Actually, it is two narrow shops next to eachother. One filled with nice furniture, the other mostly full of accessoiries, lamps, sofa’s, chairs, ashtrays. All in vintage 50’s and 60’s style with a modern twist. Not the corny stuff with only James Dean and Marilyn Monroe on it. And thank God not everything was pink, heavenly blue or red.In other shops we were inspired

by the Bauhaus sofa’s, but djeezis, they are way above our budget. In Urbind Sign we fell in love with the black ILOUNGE LIGHT lounge sofa from INNOVATION. Not too expensive, no leather however. But the nice woman assured us that the fabric was softer and stronger than the regular fake leather fabrics.Indeed, it felt like leather.Then our eye fell on the black CLUBSKULL chair. A skull is sewn in the seating. A very subtile detail. It was also available in the red rockabilly color.So that afternoon we orderd the Ilounge sofa and the Clubskull chair. They would be delivered after one week. I did not want to leave the shop empty handed, so I bought ourselves some cool Sailor Jerry like coasters.Could not choose between the Three Of A Kind chrome lamp or the SUPER SATURNUS lamp, so I decided to come back once I know what I really want. I still don’t.But in the meanwhile, we are enjoying our sofa and chair very much. They are the eyecatcatchers of our livingroom.http://www.urbindsign.nl/UrbinD=signHoogstraat 210 / 212A3131 BR VlaardingenThe Netherlands