Viva Las Vegas 2011: hair inspiration

I went to Viva Las Vegas not only for the music, cars, shopping, but also for watching people. Dressed up, being as original and creative in vintage style. Especially the hair! How to twist, fix, curl, pin and tease it. I passed a young couple, the girl with lovely platinum hair twisted in two victory rolls. When I turned my head I saw the cute curls on the back of her head.

Those three girls were just standing and waiting to be caught on camera. Were they sisters or friends? I forgot to ask. I was attracted to their radience. The orange haircolor of the girl on the left was very modern and daring I might say, but the way she curled it in, and the pearly pin on the side, gave it the vintage forties look. Looking good with the fair skin and the cherry red lipstick.

This girl was part of a Burlesque or show dancing troupe. The front victory rolled, but in a loose casual way. I like it more tight though. But the gigantic rose made up for the looseness. 😛 The back of her hair was wrapped in a hairnet, or also called a “snood”. Very popular. I should have get me one, but I didn’t. Maybe grandma can knit me one?

This beautiful lady was a writer, working on a novel. But now she just had her hair done by a professional hairdresser. She said one victory roll is easy. The difficult part is getting the second one on a straight line and of the same size as the first.

Inspired by all those women, I bought myself The Vintage Hairstyling book by Lauren Rennells. I didn’t get to all the hairstyles yet, but when I do I will review it for you.